One Kingdom Under Heaven

By Alastair Luft

One Kingdom Under Heaven by Alastair Luft is a skillfully written thriller featuring terrorism and political intrigue, a novel set in the future and against a tense political backdrop. It is 2029 and China attacks the United States, leaving many casualties. Malcolm Kwong is a...

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Osama's Skull

A Zach Colt Adventure (The Zach Colt Adventures Book 3)
By Michael D. Urban

Osama’s Skull: A Zach Colt Adventure is an adventurous thriller novel by author Michael D. Urban, and the third novel in The Zach Colt Adventures. Federal Prosecutor Zach Colt has already travelled the world searching for the lost treasures of some of the most violent...

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Of Our Own Device

By M.K. South

Of Our Own Device by M.K. South is a great read set against the backdrop of the Cold War in 1985. The reader is introduced to the covert nature of the work of prominent intelligence services. This is a real thriller for fans of espionage...

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By Douglas G. Hearle

Outsource by Douglas G. Hearle is a political thriller with an interesting cast of characters, a strong plot, and an exciting setting. A New York businessman, a globetrotter, is employed by the CIA to carry their messages surreptitiously to their contacts in Southeast Asian governments....