Leave Her Out

A Novel
By Daniel Davidsohn

Early on in Leave Her Out, a post-political thriller if you will, Daniel Davidsohn introduces a host of highly unique and interesting characters to whet the reader’s appetite for a really good story; including an ex-President of the USA, his ex-Vice President and close friend,...

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Lara's Journal

A Sizzling, Psychological Suspense (Hidden Motives Book 2)
By A. Gavazzoni

Lara's Journal: A Sizzling, Psychological Suspense - Hidden Motives Book 2 by A. Gavazzoni can be fitted into two of my favorite genres i.e. romance and thriller. Picking up the story after Behind the Door, Simone is taking a much-needed vacation after she was kidnapped...

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Lil's Way

By Colleen Baxter Sullivan

Lil's Way by Colleen Baxter Sullivan is a breathtaking suspense novel about a woman's tumultuous life with an identity disorder. As a little girl, Lil's life has been one horrific scene after another. When she is finally taken from her abusive home, Lil is greeted...