Impossible To Find

By Cadhla Geraghty

Lieutenant Jaclyn Appell is a beautiful young woman in the army who has dreams of being a true hero. She has wanted this since September eleventh. That day shaped her life like no other. Liam Schofield is a seemingly aloof former serviceman, turned commercial pilot....

I Choose to be Happy

A School Shooting Survivor's Triumph Over Tragedy
By Missy Jenkins with William Croyle

I remember praying as I listened to the tragedy unfold in 1997. The setting was Paducah, Kentucky, only 150 miles from the small Kentucky community I live in. Michael Carneal opened fire in Heath High School. The boom of the gun shots echoed throughout the...

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Incomprehensible Demoralization

An Addict Pharmacist’s Journey To Recovery
By Jared Combs

We have an erroneous vision of what an addict looks like. The person sitting next to you in church could be an addict. It could be your doctor, lawyer, postal worker, or the little old lady that lives next door. Incomprehensible Demoralization drew me in and...

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