Down Memory Lane

With Marguerite and Family
By Linette Arthurton Bruno

"Down Memory Lane with Marguerite and Family" is a well-written tale of the Caribbean islands of Montserrat and Martinique and their long and varied history always threatened by active volcanoes on both. It should be shelved with travel books featuring the Caribbean. Why? This easy...

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Did Success Spoil Jayne Mansfield?

Her Life in Pictures and Text
By Frank Ferruccio and Damien Santroni

Did Success Spoil Jayne Mansfield? follows her life from birth to death. The author has included plenty of photos which compliment the text. We all look at Hollywood stars through rose colored glasses. Few of us know their true existence. Producers expect a star to...

Dear Bob, Dear Betty

By Elizabeth C Wright

Dear Bob, Dear Betty is the biography of two individuals. Robert(Bob) Llewellen Wright, son of Frank Llewellen Wright and Catherine Wright and Elizabeth(Betty) Bryan Kehler. They met during the Depression years of 1932-33. The couple faced plenty of hardships. Bob lived in Chicago and Betty...

Drunk, for 27 Years

A Story of Victory - Her Choice to Live and Not Die
By Cynthia Banks

Are we a product of our early childhood experiences? Priscilla’s (Guinea) childhood was brutal. Her mother abused all of her children but seemed to receive great satisfaction from beating Priscilla. She even tried to drown her on one occasion. Priscilla was only eleven years old when...

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