Holy Roller

Finding Redemption and the Holy Ghost in a Forgotten Texas Church
By Julie Lyons

Julie Lyons was searching for a story when she found The Body of Christ Assembly in South Dallas, Texas.  She was looking for miracle healings.  Her instincts lead her to a crime ridden area in South Dallas, Texas.  Her book Holy Roller follows the lives...

How Capitol Got The Beatles

and Then What Happened
By Charles Tillinghast

Lawyer Charles Tillinghast knew the Beatles well.  He shares behind-the-scenes knowledge with fans.  Much Of Tillinghast’s book is spent revealing the history behind Capitol Records.  He discusses different executives and tidbits concerning their lives.  Capitol Record was the envy of other record companies when they...

He Loves Me He Loves Me Not

By Trish Ryan

Trish Ryan courageously shares her spiritual journey. She was raised in a Christian church and went to Sunday School each week. Her teacher told her about Jesus, prayer, and scripture; but she never really got the “Jesus thing.” A deep desire welled up in her....