The Gnawing Thoughts

By Hida Jessie Piersma

Hida Jessie Piersma has written an interesting memoir of her life in Uganda under the reign of dictator Idi Amin. Ms. Piersma describes a deprived and uncultured upbringing, in which multiple wives, dying children, primitive health care and poverty all played a basic role in...

Tea Party Revival

The Conscience of a Conservative Reborn
By Dr. B. Leland Baker

Recently, many discontented citizens have decided to take a stand. They are tired of listening to politicians who lie, side step and twist facts; tired of big government and the government spending their money. Dr. B. Leland Baker explains the goal of Tea Party. The Tea...

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The Clinton Diaries

By Fred Petrovsky

The Clinton Diaries is probably the most honest account ever existing. I came away from this book with a different opinion of Bill Clinton. I still do not agree with his political values or his morals but I can now see him as a flawed...

The Shipwreck of a Nation

Germany: An Inside View
By Peter Nennhaus

Peter Nennhaus successfully transports the reader to Berlin before and during WWII. It was a time of political turmoil, expectation, and horror. The reader watches as Stalin’s tyranny oppresses the people. They witness Germany’s resistance against the Soviet Union. Nennhaus allows readers to experience the...