Me, Myself and Paris

One Toe Under the Eiffel Tower, The Other In the Grocery Store
By Ruth Yunker

Have you ever considered a vacation alone: A vacation where you could do what you want, when you want, and where you want? Our author has not only dreamed the dream she has lived it. For the last three years, Ruth Yunker has rented an...

Mysterious Receding Seas, The

By Richard Guy

Author Richard Guy offers an interesting hypothesis.  He explains that ancient civilizations were always built close to the seas.  However, we know that the earliest civilizations were built on mountain tops.  His reasoning suggests that the mountain peaks were the only land sticking up out...

My ‘70s Book

The "When I Was A Kid..." Book For The Generation That Grew Up In The '70s
By Darryll Sherman

Darryll Sherman takes readers back to the past. Those of us that grew up in the 70s remember the time through rose-colored glasses. It may not have been as great as we remember, but it was our era. Sherman reminds us that skorts were called...