Damned from Memory

By Sparky McLaughlin

"Damned from Memory" is an explosive expose by former US narcotic agent Sparky McLaughlin who, according to him, has been a cop all his life. The first part of the book is his own personal story explaining how he developed a calling to become a...

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Doctor Bob

By Lodewyk Van Mierop MD

Doctor Lodewyk Van Mierop is specialized in pediatric cardiology, before his retirement. Mierop writes of his fascinating life, first as a young boy born in 1927 in Indonesia, at that time known as the Netherlands East Indies (NEI). Lod or Dr. Bob, as he was...

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Don’t Cry, Daddy’s Here

One Woman’s Journey to Recovery from Incest
By Brinda Carey

Brinda Carey has seen more turmoil and heartache in her own life than most will ever see in a theater. A victim of incest before kindergarten, she endures the aggressive advances of the one man in her life she should be able to trust infinitely....