The Color of Lightning

A Novel
By Paulette Jiles

The setting is post Civil War, 1860s. The plot is based on actual events. This is the true story on Britt Johnson?s courageous search for his family. Looking for a new beginning former slave, Britt Johnson, his wife Mary and their family left Kentucky for...

I Remember Quan Loi

By David L. Bedard

David L. Bedard served in Vietnam in for one year, returning home in 1970. He knew he was a different person even though no one else seemed to notice. Quan Loi had changed him. Years later, he decided to find a quiet place in which...

Prisoners of War

At Camp Trinidad, Colorado 1943/1946
By Kurt Landsberger

The government chose Trinidad, Colorado as the site of a prisoner of war camp in part due to its location and because of the influence of members of Congress. The last time American had prisoners of war on their land was during the Civil War....

From Jerusalem to Jerusalem

By Louise Prister

From Jerusalem to Jerusalem follows a Jewish family through WWI and WWII. They learned to survive hunger, torture, loneliness, and fear. Prejudice against their Jewish heritage brought cruelty. The central character is Riva. She worked hard to keep her family alive. They endured starvation, the...