The Band Plays On

Going Home for a Music Man's Encore
By Rick D. Niece Ph.D

Step back in time to small-town America with author Rick Niece's "The Band Plays On", the story of a community band once again coming together in tribute of their band leader, who has also been invited back to lead the band. The Lewie's Alumni Band...

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The Top 20 Secrets of Great Singers

By Lane Cura Meng

Top 20 Secrets Of Great Singers by Lane Cura Meng is a book for all aspiring singers, their mindsets and their methods. There are many talented singers out there today; and just as many who want to sing and try to sing, but they do...

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The Lennon Prophecy

A New Examination of the Death Clues of The Beatles
By Joseph Niezgoda

Joseph Niezgoda was more than a fan of Lennon. He is a fan, collector, and scholar. Niezgoda raises the question “ Did John Lennon sell his soul to the devil?” Many coincidences are mentioned, including Lennon’s disdain of religion--especially Christianity. Lennon was extremely disrespectful of...