Silence, Inhabited

Poetic Reflections on Surviving Childhood Sexual Abuse
By Rich Follett

"Silence, Inhabited" by Rich Follett contains poems which are like aching nerves, exposed to the reader. The poems are highly autobiographical and deal with a common but less controversial theme: childhood sexual abuse. Having been a pathetic victim of abuse in his childhood, Follett is...

Sticks and Stones

Conquering Haters . . . with Poetry
By Z. E. Frey

How do you wish to conquer your enemy? Try Z.E.Frey's method.'I am your inspiration, Don't hate me,' is what Z.E.Frey sings in one of the poems in his collection of poetry entitled 'Stones and Sticks'. In the sub-title of the book, the poet explains that...

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Stuck on the Steps

By Nina

"Stuck on the Steps" by Nina is a gritty, urban, in-your-face poetic account of a young girl’s less than ideal life growing up. While she sort of rejects the ideas from family that she should recite her pieces on the mic, what she has written...