Epiphany Man

By D. B. Patterson

Epiphany Man by D.B. Patterson is a unique story set against the backdrop of Tarpon Springs and Greece. Readers get to see the protagonist, Jonathan Nikolas Christakos, taking a personal journey and living out his tragic life where he loses his parents at a young...

Echo from Mount Royal

By Dave Riese

There is a story behind every photograph, especially a photograph of a lovely young girl standing on top of Mount Royal. Pierre knows this. He was part of the search and rescue team who searched the crash site of a passenger plane. That's where he...

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Cornerstone Deep
By Charlene A. Wilson

Cornerstone Deep Echoes - Book 2 by Charlene A. Wilson is the second part of the series. This book is as interesting as Book 1. Mianna is back in Cole's life but there is still a large amount of Anna in her. Both Mianna and...

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Embryo 2: Crosshairs

By J.A. Schneider

Someone is intent on finishing what he started, and none of it good. Embryo 2: Crosshairs by J.A. Schneider is a medical thriller with a very current day twist involving in vitro fertilization and other medical miracles. OB resident David Levine and intern Jill Raney...

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