A Time to Heal

By Seye Oke

“A Time to Heal” by Seye Oke is a wonderfully written book. Seye Oke has written this book about strange events taking place in an African community, with a Christian background. However, the events in this book can be taking place in any village, town...

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Autumn Duchess

A Georgian Historical Romance
By Lucinda Brant

Antonia, Dowager Duchess of Roxton, has been in mourning for three years for her beloved dead husband and soul mate. Antonia has lost the man who meant everything to her and it appears she no longer has any enjoyment in life. That is until Jonathon...

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A Promise to Keep

By Elaine Robinson

Imagine you're a young woman of 36 who longs for a family so badly that you decide to answer an ad where a man is looking for a wife and mother for his two children. In 1889 that's just how Maggie Ferguson wound up with...

A Knight For Loving

By Ellen Margret

As young children, Leonora Wardene and her three brothers lived with Robert Hardford and his brothers at Hardford castle. They all lived as family until tragedy struck. Someone pushed the youngest brother Tristan down the stairs, almost killing him. Leonora and her brothers left Hardford...

A Knight and White Satin

By Jackie Ivie

Payton Dunn-Fadden, the King's champion knows exactly what he wants; the heiress and all that goes with her. Dallis Caruth, the Heiress also knows what she wants, no husband and the right to direct her own life and lands. Payton forces a marriage and Dallis...

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A Most Rebellious Debutante

By Karen Abbott

Karen’s "A Most Rebellious Debutant" is an awesome story of the regency era. It is full of rules and laws for the young debutant in England. This is a great book; it kept me glued to the pages with the excitement of being young and...

All Or Nothing

By Ashley Elizabeth Ludwig

After the loss  of her husband RuthAnne Newcomb  had nothing left for  her  in Alabama. With the responsibility of her sister to take care of, they head out  on a journey to Arizona. Where employment  awaits her as a seamstress for the army, she is...

A Rose By Any Other Name

The Tuscan Trilogy
By Derek Adie Flower

Rosa found a wounded English Soldier hiding in the bushes. She nursed the young man back to health and fell madly in love with him. The war separated them but they would always have a connection. He declared his undying love for her and she...

Almost Guilty

By Isabel Mere

Reading Almost Guilty is like being transported back in time to the early 1800’s. Jacie Fielding dreams of becoming a doctor. From the beginning, you know she not a typical female. She has taken refuge in London, fearing she will be accused of a murder...