Dangerous Proposal

The Pinnacles of Power
By Jessica Lauryn

Alec Westwood was recruited by an organization as a hired assassin. He was 19 at the time and when it became time for his first kill he could not do it. Alec then dedicated his life to saving others by becoming a doctor. Lena Benson...

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Deadly Lies

By Cynthia Eden

Samantha Kennedy is an FBI agent working a case of young men being tortured and killed. Her superiors are not sure she is ready for field work and order her back to the office. Sam, however, has met Max Ridgeway, and they have begun a...

Dark Secrets

By Jan Bowles

Megan Lawrence cannot escape her troubled past. She was only 15 when she accused Sam Marshall a friend of her brother of something that never took place. Sam was run out of town by her father. He has returned for the funeral of his best...

Danger in the Tulip Fields

By Patti Ann Bengin

Danger in the Tulip Fields" by Patti Ann Bengen has all the right stuff of an exciting romance thriller... Boy meets girl (in Afghanistan), girl meets boy (she is a news reporter), girl falls in love with boy, boy falls in love with girl (he`s a...

Don't Let Go

By Marliss Melton

In this book we meet Jordan Bliss. She is in Venezuela to adopt a child she has grown to love. When she and the child are caught in a rebellion, Navy Seals come to her rescue. Soloman forces her on to the plane leaving Miguel...

Days of the Dead

Adie Sturm Mystery
By Anastasia Amor

In Days of the Dead by Anastasia Amor it is Oktoberfest - the evening celebration before the Days of the Dead Tour. Drinking, dancing, party fun and murder. Just what Adie Sturm needed, a murder just before the tour to Cozumel, and the murderer may be going...

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By Iris Johansen

Emily was captured by Staunton and forced to watch while her co-worker was tortured. The CIA could not rescue her, but Garret could. When Garret read about the kidnapped artifact expert, he felt drawn to her. He used his contacts and rescued...

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Dancing With Dragons

By Tiarie Vaughn-Lazzar

Dorothy Carson , out of a job at the present time, has lost her faith in God. When her grandmother asks her to go back to her family home in Sleepy Oaks, it’s on the pretense of getting the old home place opened back up...

Dark Paradise

By Carolyn LeComte

Lucas and Sara clashed at their first meeting.  She purchased the property that adjoined his land.  He demanded it was his right to buy the land; however, he could not meet the price.  The two stubborn people felt drawn to each other even as they...