By Scott L. Collins

Scepter by Scott L. Collins is the story of Daniel and his younger brother Aidan. King Argyle's soldiers are on the move, taking parents and older children into slavery and forcing them to work in the mines. Having come of the proper age, Daniel knows...

Search for the Lost Queen

The Empyrical Tales Book II
By Mark Miller

The Lost Queen (The Empyrical Tales) by Mark Miller takes off from where the first part ends. Zandria and Oleana discover a magic crystal which might help them find their missing mother, gone for six years. Zandria sets out with her friends to get back...

Sir Rowan and the Camerian Conquest

The Knights of Arrethtrae
By Chuck Black

In this, the sixth and final book of the Knights of Arrethtrae Series, the author has a twofold purpose. First, he explores the concept of pride and the destructive consequences of holding that concept as a personal god. Secondly, the author speculates on the return...

Sir Dalton and the Shadow Heart

The Knights of Arrethtrae
By Chuck Black

Chuck Black transports the reader back to a time of sword battles, chivalry, knights in armor and good versus evil.  The Knights of Arrethtrae series continues with Sir Dalton and the Shadow Heart.  While this novel stands alone I strongly suggest the reader begin with...