Young Adult - Thriller

Children Of The Furnace

By Brin Murray

Ty wasn’t Wil’s father, but he’s the only parent Wil has ever known. He’s raised him the way Wil’s deceased mother asked him too, not strong in their way, but strong in the ways of the heart. Then Wil meets a Revout in the forest....

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Time To Lie

Landon Bridges' Story Book 1
By Phil Taylor

Time To Lie: Landon Bridges' Story Book 1 by Phil Taylor is what I would call a YA thriller/sci fi/comedy that is somewhat reminiscent of Back to the Future, but without the DeLorean going 88 miles per hour in order to travel to a different...

Spooky Tales Inspired by Real Ghost Stories

Girl on the Train, Phantom in the Forest, & More Ghostly Encounters
By Autumn Chills

Spooky Tales Inspired by Real Ghost Stories by Autumn Chills is a collection of short stories that show just how fragile the boundary between life and death can be. Separated into ten different tales, each story is an account of an encounter with the supernatural,...


By C.M. Williams

Inferno by author C.M. Williams is a delightful, exciting, and chilling novel about three young teenage girls, and their horses, who are caught in the midst of a forest fire. It doesn’t help that they are lost, not sure which way to turn in order...

Chasing Tomorrow

Will tomorrow be a memory if they can't find today
By Ann Heathman

Chasing Tomorrow by Ann Heathman is a major page-turner. Everyone’s current favorite set of international villains, ISIS terrorists, are out to turn the world into a Sharia-ruled enclave whether the “infidels” want it that way or not. Navy SEAL buddies - Zach, Tony, and...


The Chase Ryder Series Book 1
By Jo Ho

Wanted by Jo Ho is the first in the Chase Ryder series. Chase Ryder is fourteen and living on the streets when one night as she scrounges for food, she discovers a dog in the same situation. After he brings her food and saves her...

Dead End Street

By R.L. Herron

Dead End Street is a coming of age thriller for young and new adult readers, written by R.L. Herron. It is a continuation of the saga which began with his novel, Reichold Street, which followed the lives and fortunes of a group of friends who...

The Hired Gun

By Bob MacKenzie (author), Mike St. Pierre (illustrator)

The Hired Gun by Bob MacKenzie is a novella focused on a young group of five friends in Alberta, Canada back in the late 1950s. The kids - Bobby, Sam, Alex, Linda and Dickie - are just shy of their teen years and are on...

Fixer 13

The Forevers Book One
By G. Michael Smith

Thirteen is the female protagonist of Fixer 13 by G. Michael Smith, the first book in The Forevers series. Thirteen has just turned 13, and 13 seems to be her lucky number. She seems to be very lucky in general, and very bright, too. She...

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By Elena Dillon

“I’m sorry to bother you, but aren’t you London Carstairs?” These are not unusual words to London. Her fame as a young, world-renowned model presents challenges everywhere she goes. In an attempt to present herself in the downplayed image she desires, London acquiesces to many...