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The Lame Duck

By Bernard Leo Remakus

The Lame Duck by Bernard Leo Remakus is a medical thriller. Bob Cassidy is probably the worst doctor in the USA. Already on his third suit for malpractice, Cassidy is about to find himself stripped of all hospital privileges. Angela Fratello is called the Angel...

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By Bernard Leo Remakus

Captain Zack Adams is an undisputed hero to the American people, but just what happened to him after his failed mission going after an elusive terrorist, code named Chameleon? No one seems to know for sure, other than that he’s vanished off the face of...


By Bernard Leo Remakus

Keystone by Bernard Leo Remakus is a novel about a young man’s life told in his own words. Keystone begins with a young boy named Peter Kaminski who lives with his parents in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. His father is a serious-minded Polish immigrant and his mother...

Medicine From The Heart

By Bernard Leo Remakus

Medicine From The Heart by Bernard Leo Remakus, M.D. is a collection of essays that speaks about the human side of medicine. Each essay has a different story to tell readers and will get them thinking about an issue. The topics range from home health...

Medicine Between The Lines

By Bernard Leo Remakus

Have you ever thought about the various elements of the healthcare system and its effects on everything else that surrounds it, from HMO, malpractice insurance, and politics to infant mortality and the elderly? It was as if Bernard Leo Remakus had a crystal ball or...

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