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Seasons: Spring and Summer

Sentimental Streams and Rays of Hope
By Cheryl E Rodriguez

Seasons: Spring and Summer by Cheryl E. Rodriguez is a beautifully constructed selection of short stories on how to appreciate the smallest things in life and to enjoy the simple aspects of life such as nature and family. Throughout the book, you are taken on...

What's Your Story?

By Cheryl E Rodriguez

What’s Your Story? (2nd Revised Edition) by Cheryl E. Rodriguez takes you on a path of self-discovery. This insightful self-help book encourages you to ask yourself some very poignant questions about your past, present, and future to help you to muddle through the journey of...

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Seasons: Autumn and Winter

Expressions of Gratitude and Merry Moments
By Cheryl E Rodriguez

Seasons: Autumn and Winter: Expressions of Gratitude and Merry Moments by Cheryl E Rodriguez is a collection of short autobiographical stories and moments from Cheryl’s own life and experiences. As the title suggests, Seasons: Autumn and Winter is a collection of prose about all things...