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What You Gonna Do With All That Belly?

My Crazy Stories Series - Book#4
By Daniel Georges

What You Gonna Do With All That Belly? by Daniel Georges is an entertaining fantasy story that speaks about balancing sugar intake into the body and having a healthy level of physical activity. Ronnie loves bonbons, lollipops, jellybeans, and gummies. One night he ate a...

I'm Selling My Dad's Shoes!

My Crazy Stories Series - Book#3
By Daniel Georges

Kyle has no money to buy his dad a birthday gift and so he decides to sell his dad’s old shoes in the story I’m Selling My Dad’s Shoes (My Crazy Story Series) by Daniel Georges. He takes them from the shoe cupboard and sneaks...

Maya Knows A Secret (Shhh.)

My Crazy Stories Series - Book#2
By Daniel Georges

Maya Knows a Secret (Shhh.) by Daniel Georges explains to young readers what a secret means. Maya asks her dad what a secret is and he explains it to her. He tells her that when someone tells her something and asks her not to repeat...

This Cat Is Mine!

My Crazy Stories Series - Book#5
By Daniel Georges

Meet Johnny and Elvis, the two brothers in This Cat is Mine: My Crazy Stories Series by Daniel Georges. They share their bedroom and they have marked their territory by painting their sides with their favorite colors; blue for Johnny and green for Elvis. They...

I Won't Cut My Hair!

My Crazy Stories Series - Book#1
By Daniel Georges

Sally was the prettiest girl in town and she was proud of her silky purple hair. Sally knew she was beautiful but she wanted to become the most beautiful girl in the world. She thought if her hair grew longer she would become prettier and...

How I Made a Friend

My Crazy Stories Series - Book#6
By Daniel Georges

Meet William who was happy being alone and in his room in the story How I Made A Friend (My Crazy Stories Series) by Daniel Georges. He liked being in his room and making masks of clowns, pirates, and monsters. He liked to wake up...

The Good for Nothing Frogs

My Crazy Stories Series - Book#7
By Daniel Georges

Get ready for a 'ribbiting' story! Daniel Georges has another book in his My Crazy Stories Series. The Good For Nothing Frogs not only has lots of frogs but a grouchy king and a crocodile chef. It starts with a very lazy King Grouchel who...