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Two Tickets to the Christmas Ball

By Donita K. Paul

I so enjoy Christmas reads! To me this is the perfect time of year to read all the Christmas books before the Christmas season gets too busy and the special time is gone before I've read a single book! Donita K. Paul is...

Dragons of the Valley

A Novel
By Donita K. Paul

The writing in this novel is fluid, entertaining, and interesting. The author did a good job of developing the tale through the pages of the book. An artist, a princess, and a wizard find themselves tangled in a interesting plot to move three statues from...

The Dragons of Chiril

By Donita K. Paul

Fans of Donita K. Paul will be thrilled with her new series, The Dragons of Chiril. This series is the prequel to The Dragonkeeper Chronicles. Our tale begins by introducing us to Tipper. Tipper runs the household, her father disappeared fifteen years earlier. She thinks...

Dragons of the Watch: A Novel

By Donita K. Paul

Ellie is of the tumanhofer species. She is a goat herder who is educated and eager for adventure. Ellie is delighted when her aunt and uncle take her for a vacation to see the wedding and next coronation of the king and queen of the...