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Garbageman book 1
By Erik Dean

Garbageman by Erik Dean is a horror story to beat all others. The night started out well; it should have ended as the best night of his life, but things go horribly wrong. David and his new fiancée June find themselves in the wrong place...


Garbageman Book Two
By Erik Dean

Cryptic is book two in a compelling series by Erik Dean: Garbageman. It is a gripping story that features humans, supernatural heroes, demons, werewolves, and vampires. Well, when some readers hear about werewolves and vampires, they immediately think about the clichés associated with this genre,...

Cruel and Unusual

Four short stories of judicial horror
By Erik Dean

Cruel and Unusual: Four Short Stories of Judicial Horror by Erik Dean features four horror short stories that will take readers' breath away. Revisit the inhumane treatment of witches who were tried and burned at the stake in England. Meet Helen and the other witches...

Crueler and More Unusual

Four More Short Stories of Judicial Horror
By Erik Dean

Crueler and More Unusual by Erik Dean is an anthology of stories about the judicial system and how it may develop in the future. Dummy is a chilling tale of how, despite the barrage of information available, there are still people who think it is...

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