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Mozzi Presents: Love and Other Values

Dogs Teaching Kids Good Values and Emotions
By Merav Gamliel Boschan

I love dogs. Always have, only it wasn’t until I was an adult that I could make the decision to own a dog. I learned quickly that it was a job, one that I did gladly and with an open heart. Dogs can teach us...

Mozzi Presents: Every Day's a Party

Kids Rhymes on Happy Life, Family, Friends and Dogs
By Merav Gamliel Boschan

Meet Mozzi the dog who was born one spring. Now he is three, grown up, and clever. Mozzi is celebrating his birthday and his dad has got him a brand new toy, a Frisbee, and he is very happy with it. He thinks the wishes...

Mozzi Presents: My Friends Help People

Dog Stories for Kids Teaching About Giving
By Merav Gamliel Boschan

Danny is scared of dogs; he is scared of their size, and he is scared that they will attack. Danny never reaches out to stroke a dog's back, and so his parents ask Mozzi to come and help them. Mozzi approaches carefully and gently steps...

Mozzi Presents: My Special Friends

Special is Unique
By Merav Gamliel Boschan

Mozzi Presents: My Special Friends by Merav Gamliel Boschan is a collection of rhyming verses that will introduce young readers to Mozzi's friends. Gulliver is the new dog and has no friends, and then he meets Lucy and becomes friends with her. Little Toy is...