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Titan's Shadow

A Hayden's World Novella (Hayden's World Origins Book 5)
By S.D. Falchetti

Jia brings her small cargo ship to Cassini station in search of a new hauling assignment. She meets Flynn, a pirate, someone who tried to kill her once. Station security cannot hold him as he has not committed any crime on Cassini, but the UN...


A Hayden's World Short Story (Hayden's World Origins Book 4)
By S.D. Falchetti

Erebus by S.D. Falchetti is a thrilling novella and the fourth in the Hayden’s World series. It opens with a beautifully described sequence where two space crafts are speeding and performing aerobatics through the cloud layers of Saturn, eventually docking at a space station located...

Janus 2

A Hayden's World Novella
By S.D. Falchetti

An experimental ship crashes on Janus, a Saturn moon, but an alien ship is also there. James Hayden and his crew take out their new ship, ‘Gossamer Goose,’ to recover the wrecked ship and make contact with the aliens. When they get to Janus, there...

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