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The War Beneath

By Timothy S. Johnston

When global warming gives reality to the currently existing concerns about rising sea levels, humankind begins adapting by building cities beneath the sea. Vastly superior submarines of various sizes and capabilities are the common mode of transport. But if there’s one thing that never changes,...

The Savage Deeps

By Timothy S. Johnston

Turning the final page and closing the back cover of The Savage Deeps by Timothy S. Johnston is like walking out of a dark movie theater. Your mind is still reeling so hard from the other world of the movie, you’ve forgotten it’s just another...

Fatal Depth

By Timothy S. Johnston

How appropriate that just the day after I finished reading Fatal Depth by Timothy S. Johnston, CNN reported that because of rapid glacial melt, “It’s becoming increasingly clear that sea-level rise is going to be a bigger and bigger problem as we move through the...