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I don’t like coffee, rather, I’m a big tea drinker. I see tea bags and I get all excited and happy. A little crazy, I know. But did you know that next to herbal tea just being overall good for your skin and body health, it has a lot of great brain benefits too. And most cups of tea are a wonderful thing to have next to your writing desk. Or just always in your hand because you have a wild obsession with tea and you seem to never have money when you find a really great kind?

Ginger-root Tea: Its anti-inflammatory properties may help to curb some headaches, and it may help to soothe muscles and joints. I personally prefer lemon and ginger tea next to a generic meal on a Sunday morning.

Holy Basil Tea: This tea is a natural stress-reliever and attacks anxiety and inflammation. I’ve never had this type of tea, but if you have, I’d love to know how it tasted. 

Sage: I grow my own sage and have yet to make any tea, but sage can have calming  qualities on your mood and anxiety, while also improving focus and memory. 

Black Tea: Black tea is my absolute favorite kind of tea. Again, I don’t like coffee, so my intake of caffeine comes from here. The caffeine in black tea is less likely to over-stimulate the heart and can aid in mental focus.

Green Tea: This tea has certain phytochemicals that can help keep a positive mood, and it can also improve your health. I’ve a lot of green tea as it’s the only tea my father and sister drink.

Cinnamon: Cinnamon is a spice I’m sure everybody has somewhere in their cabinets. By itself or paired with other thing, this tea can boost your immune system. And I don’t know about you, but I can’t write when I’m feeling crappy, so an extra boost in the fight is great.

Lavender Tea: Another one of my favorite and go-to teas, lavender aids in sleep and calming anxiety. It may also help reduce pain in headaches. Pair it with the wonderful tea of antioxidants, chamomile, and you have yourself a relaxing evening.

Rooibos Tea: Not only is the colour of this tea beautiful, the tea alleviates pain and can help those with allergies. It contains a flavonoid, quercetin, that can prevent allergies from triggering.

Lemon Tea: Lemon juice and warm water can help in muscle and joint pain. So all those cramps we get in our hands from writing the next best-seller can be a little more bearable.

There are obviously so many more teas out there that are very beneficial. This is just a small list of ones I like and/or wish to try. And just because I have done a few good things the teas provide, anything in high abundance can be bad for you. So take it a cup at a time and don’t be afraid to mix and match. You could somehow create a magical tea with double the benefits? 

Written by Readers’ Favorite Reviewer Robin E. Williams

Peggy Jo Wipf

Love it, Robin! My favorite is Chia tea, with milk. The smell of the spices infused in the teabag calms me.

Your article is informative and fun!