Children - General

Giggle a Little Giggle

By V.A. Trafton

Giggle a Little Giggle by V.A. Trafton is a fun read with a good message that will take young readers into the world of a little girl who giggles at everything. It is a beautiful day and, as she watches skateboarders and roller skaters whiz...

Letter Tracing

Handwriting Practice for Preschool and Kindergarten
By Ceri Clark

Handwriting is an important skill that needs to be learned in school. In Letter Tracing: Handwriting Practice for Preschool and Kindergarten, author Ceri Clark guides children in letter tracing practice for both capital and lower case letters. Tracing letters is the first step in writing....


By Ralph Baldwin

Bucky is the incredible true story of a boy and his faithful dog, written by Ralph E. Baldwin and illustrated by Sudipta ‘Steve’ Dasgupta. When ten-year-old Jimmy discovers a large dog in an alley with a bucket on its head, the whole town makes a...

How Far Away is Heaven?

By Margaret Davis Ledford

How Far Away is Heaven? by Margaret Davis Ledford is an adorable and heartrending story that speaks about loss. Zachary goes to his Papa and Grandma’s house every day with his daddy and brother. They live two streets away. Zachary plays with Papa when his...

The Ultimate Study Skills Guide

Tips And Tricks To Achieve Straight A's, Learn More Study Less, Roadmap To Success In High School And College
By Bryan Tan

The Ultimate Study Skills Guide: Tips And Tricks To Achieve Straight A's, Learn More Study Less, Roadmap To Success In High School And College by Bryan Tan is an engaging read for all those students who are facing trouble scoring good academic grades in school...

Talking Tales

Sam's Sticky Sucker
By Erica Graham

Talking Tales: Sam’s Sticky Sucker by Erica Graham is a delightful story for children where they are introduced to Sam who has been given a strawberry sucker by his sister. He cannot wait to have it and he has dreamed about it all night. The...

Cool Science Experiments For Kids!

STEAM Making and Building Activities
By Sumita Mukherjee

Cool Science Experiments for Kids! by Sumita Mukherjee is an interesting and interactive book for children who want to explore the world of science, are naturally inquisitive, observant, and determined problem solvers. The experiments shared by the author not only encourage exploration, play, and invention,...

Where in the World is Thailand?

By Margaret Davis Ledford

Where in the World is Thailand? by Margaret Davis Ledford is a children’s picture book story narrated by a boy named David, who moves with his father and other family members when his father transfers to an army base in Thailand. It details the new...

Bella Gets Rescued

By Ellie Wakeman

Bella Gets Rescued by Ellie Wakeman begins with Bella the rescue cat being afraid of everything initially when her first family adopts her, but she is not scared anymore. Once upon a time, not long ago, Bella was an itty-bitty kitty who lived all by...

Molly the Mole

Short story for kids about true friendship
By Bat Oren

Molly is different from the other Moles – she is white, unlike other Moles, smart, friendly, and has good eyesight. Moles usually live in solitude and males and females meet once a year to have babies, and they part after that. In Molly the Mole...