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Five Reasons Why Everyone Should Read

Some beginners or non-readers might pose this question: why should we read? Why should we spend our precious time on such an activity? Even readers might have this question. They might wonder about the pros of our beloved activity. 

There are several ways to answer this. First, reading is a fun and fulfilling activity and has several benefits. And here are five reasons why everyone should pick up a book:

A great knowledge hub

A book has an abundance of information on any topic and in a structured way. Therefore, it makes reading easy and saves you time. Furthermore, while reading, the reader is constantly in touch with new words and idioms, which helps in expanding their vocabulary. 

Reading can teach you so many things. It can keep us in touch with the world and help us discover different fascinating cultures. It is the best source for getting educated about diversity. Not only self-help books but even fiction teaches a lot. For example, reading fiction will strengthen your communication skills. 

Reduces stress

Our day-to-day lives can be hectic. The stress created by our competitive professional lives can easily disrupt our peace. Reading can be a space for you to escape. It takes the reader away from the hustle-bustle of our daily lives and helps them create a safe mental space for themselves. 

Strengthens memory

Reading helps us with regaining our attention span. It helps us to improve our focus and concentration. Reading for an hour or longer helps our brain with its attention power. In addition to that, it also enhances our analytical skills, as we continuously retain information and try to find the solution for the character's problems. Also, while reading, we try to recall what we have read; for example, the plots, characters, and the little details. It helps in strengthening our memory power. 

Helps with writing skills

To be a better writer, one must become an avid reader. Reading and writing are proportional. It will give the writer an idea of the proper writing styles, characterization, and plot devices. It will provide a view of the structure of a well-written piece. It is not only limited to literary writing. Even a content writer needs to be an avid reader. To make helpful content within your niche, you must consume content first. This is where books and reading come in handy.


Reading is an excellent source of entertainment. It provides a variety of stories and thousands of characters to keep you engaged. World-building and plot twists keep you entertained. It is one of the best ways to spend your leisure time.  

Guess what?

Reachers have come up with the scientific study that reading for at least half an hour can help you increase your lifespan by two years. Isn't that amazing? It can also slow down dementia or Alzheimers and keep you mentally fit.

Reading, overall, is a very fulfilling activity. It contributes a lot towards our overall growth. So, what are you waiting for? Pick up a book today and start reading. 

Written by Readers’ Favorite Reviewer Manik Chaturmutha