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Proofreading, Editing, Critique

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Hundreds of Helpful Articles

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Social Media Tips for Introverts/Social Anxiety

I’m a shy introvert with social anxiety thanks to a speech impairment. I’m also a blogger who hopes to be an author someday. I started blogging last August and slowly learning which media sites work best for me. Some days I can be chatty, but most of the time I’m not. I figured what works for me might work for authors too. So here are a few tips for you.

1. Facebook groups for your niche work really well from what I can tell. For instance, if you are a cozy mystery writer you can join groups for that genre. There are quite a few of them(I’m in at least half a dozen). You need to make sure to read the rules so you don’t get banned for promoting your book. Plus, it’s a good way for readers to get to know you and they’ll be happy to help promote your book.

2. Start your own Facebook group or page, so you can make your own rules. You can chat whenever you want or just post things about your book. If you can find other authors in your niche they sometimes like to work together, so you’d advertise for them and they advertise for you; a win-win.

3. Instagram is a great tool. If you post about your books, make sure to use #bookstagram on your posts. Readers like me will find it easier that way. Or to get readers to know you better you can share your life in photos. For example, you can share your pets pics, those are huge on Instagram and a great way for people to find and meet you. It’s not a chatty place, so be careful.

4. Book bloggers are another way to go. Please make sure to read their review policy; everyone is different, so if you are a good match they’ll be happy to read and review your book. In turn, they will write a blog and share on their social media sites, plus you can share their blog on your social media sites. Free advertising for both, yet another win-win.

5. Last but not least, it’s also my favorite, Pinterest. I love to use Canva to make my pins. Since they have templates already made, you pretty much just click and add. It’s not a place to chat, though they do have a message system. It helps to join group boards and what they call Tribes. It’s free for the most part, unless you use the upgrade for business. I’ve been getting most of my views from Pinterest.

That is what I love about the writing community. Everyone is willing to help each other, or I should say most people are. I admit there are a few bad apples, but don’t let them discourage you. I know there are other sites, but places like Twitter can be exhausting. Also, make sure you don’t overwhelm yourself; only pick a few sites and work out some more. Good luck to you and hope to see you on some of those social media sites!

Written by Readers’ Favorite Reviewer Renee Guill