A Widow's Hope

The Miller Family Series

Christian - Amish
300 Pages
Reviewed on 08/29/2009
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    Book Review

Reviewed by Anne Boling for Readers' Favorite

Hannah Brown was only married six years when her husband died. She sells everything except her sheep and moves to Ohio. Her sheep cause problems; and her brother in law doesn’t want her there. Most disconcerting was Seth Miller, a handsome widower with a daughter. Seth isn’t interested in a wife but he is interested in sheep. He slowly comes to realize his daughter needs a wife.

This is the first book in a new series. The “Amish Romance” books have become a whole new genre. I love it. A Window’s Hope is well written. It’s entertaining and the characters are delightful. When we think of the Amish we think of a simpler life and of people that love the Lord. Sometimes we think the Amish are perfect. It is interesting to see how author’s can make them real by making the characters slightly flawed. This is a great read. I look forward to the next book in the series.

Theresa H Warren

A Widow's Hope is a very entertaining story of Amish life, loss, love, and family. I enjoyed every page, and hated to reach the end of the book. Mrs. Ellis is a talented writer, and hopefully there will be many more books on the Miller family, as I will be buying them as soon as they are released!

Suzanne J. Sellner

While I've read many an excellent Amish book, this one is refreshingly different with adventures and information involving caring for sheep. In addition, a broad range of human emotions and situations that transcend cultures and even a health condition add realism to the story line. Mary Ellis is a skilled writer maintaining suspense and interest through the entire novel. I look forward to the next book in the series. Most inspiring is the way the Holy Spirit softens hearts to respond in Christ-like ways to the characters' human failings and foibles.

Marian Groover

This was a geeat book about an Amish Family. It was so real to me. A very easy book to read.

Maryland Debby

Book was entertaining and I learned about the Amish world. It was a beautiful romance and escape from our difficult world.

Cocoa Futch

I really enjoyed this book. More "content" and developed characters than the usual Amish fiction.

Bonnie McKinzie

Hannah knew the ropes, she had been Amish for a long time, but just how difficult it was to integrate into another community had never really sunk in. Moving to help with her failing sister, she, of course, meets an eligible young widower. It is uphill and downhill from there, especially with Hannah's flock of sheep and her cantankerous brother in law. I think this author lends a new slant to life as an Amish woman, particularly out of her own comfort zone, and continually getting tangled up in the Amish laws of another area. A great, but simple read.

Marianna Gennett


Susan K. Edwards

Okay, this is going to be a series that I can't wait for the next book to be written and only hope that the following books are as great! Hannah Brown has her challenges being Amish although she loves it ...just her personality has her making some decisions that doesn't always follow the strict feelings which causes distress for her and others. She feels that she is going to be a widow her full life and is sadden that she has no children to share her love with. She has great memories of her deceased husband, Adam. She finds even more challenges when she sells her farm to her brother, Thomas and moves to help her sister, Julia who suffers from crippling arthritis. Julia's husband, Simon, being a deacon finds Hannah a real struggle for him to have under his care and when his brother, Seth, shows some interest in her that just adds to his frustration. To add to the mix; Seth has a little girl, Phoebe, from his deceased wife that he loved, that Hannah finds herself loving and dreams of her life as she always wanted being a wife and a mother ... She wonders if her dreams and prayers could finally come true! I found that I truly cared for everyone in the book, except that I had serious issues in liking Simon, however, by the end of the book I found that both myself and Simon had mellowed and I truly liked him. I guess that showed he was human too, although I struggled with him a lot throughout this book. This author did a great job and I can't wait for the next one in this series, which I am pretty sure will be around Emma, Simon and Julia's oldest daughter. I have to admit I love the simpler life of the Amish books although I am fairly sure I would have a difficult time myself living their strict lifestyle