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Court Out

A Netball Girls’ Drama
By Deb McEwan

Court Out (A Netball Girls’ Drama) by Deb McEwan is a gripping tale that will intrigue young female readers and those who want to explore the emotions women can hide beneath the surface. It’s a story of friendship, lust, greed, and betrayal. The reader is...

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The Warm Up

By Xio Axelrod

Three months after his hockey team, Cajun Rage, won the ultimate in hockey championships, Zim returns to his hometown to start a charity in honor of his sister. On a night out with friends, he meets Suji, recently dumped for being too dedicated to her...

Playing for the Save

By Rachelle Ayala

Playing for the Save by Rachelle Ayala is book four in the Men of Spring series, a well-crafted romance that will delight fans of Nicholas Sparks. Meet veteran relief pitcher, Ryan Hudson, a professional baseball player who keeps to himself and who doesn’t want his...

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The Slope Rules

By Melanie Hooyenga

The Slope Rules by Melanie Hooyenga is a great romance for young adult readers, a story that explores love, coming of age, and personal growth. During the holidays, Cally, a fifteen-year-old beauty meets Blake, a “hot snowboarder,” with whom she develops a strong connection. But...

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Called Out

A Novel of Baseball and America in 1908
By Floyd Sullivan

Called Out: A Novel of Baseball and America in 1908 by Floyd Sullivan goes back in time and shows how America’s famous pastime was almost ruined because of a few vital characters! The story starts in 1908 and the National Baseball League President Harry Pulliam...

The Hook

Surfing to Survive a Shattered Family, Drugs, Gangs and the FBI
By Kathleen Doler

The Hook by Kathleen Doler is aptly subtitled: Surfing to Survive a Shattered Family, Drugs, Gangs and the FBI. Set in an idyllic surfing town, this book explores the depth of kinship, crime, and justice, while looking at how far a woman can go to...

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Forever Skating Forward

Figure Skating Friends Old and New
By Joanne Vassallo Jamrosz

Forever Skating Forward: Figure Skating Friends Old and New by Joanne Vassallo Jamrosz is an inspiring and entertaining book containing stories of skaters, a book that skating fans will adore. In the introduction, the author shares her experiences and how the idea behind this book...


By Valentine Cardinale

Breakaway is a sleuth mystery written by Valentine Cardinale. Richie Bianchi was gradually getting accustomed to trying life as a layperson. After 11 years in the priesthood, as well as all that time spent in the seminary, being Richie instead of Father Richard was kind...

Sting in the Tail

The Rocket Series, Book One
By Chris Dyer

Sting in the Tail: Book One, The Rocket Series is a novel of suspense written by Chris Dyer. Mike’s future had never seemed so uncertain as that morning. He had always enjoyed a cordial relationship with the feed and grain merchants he had always done...

Swim Season

By Marianne Sciucco

Swim Season by Marianne Sciucco is a gripping novel that will find a comfortable home with sports fans and readers looking for well-rounded characters. Champion swimmer Aerin Keane has grown up in a family where they expect her to meet excellence at all cost and...