Young Adult - Action

Faces Behind the Masks

So you want to be a superhero?
By Thomas J. Brodeur

Faces Behind the Masks by Thomas J. Brodeur is a comedic tale full of action and adventure. Travis Warnofski is 12 years old and, as far as he is concerned, his uncle is nothing short of a superhero. That doesn’t mean that Trav likes him...

Echoing Sacrifice: Captive

By Jessica N A Dodson

The leading characters from Echoing Sacrifice: Traveler, both pro and antagonists, are back in another fascinating episode in the Gates of Dolimar Series. In Echoing Sacrifice: Captive, Khyl, a teenager from our world, needs her mentor/protector Rever, a dragon of the Echo Dragon Clan, to...


By Sandra L. Rostirolla

Cecilia by Sandra L. Rostirolla is an action-packed, heart-pounding fantasy with a heroine that young readers will root for. Eighteen-year-old Cecilia is the only one who survived a ruthless attack orchestrated by the corrupt Senators of Vitus on her people. With their orders, soldiers have...

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Guardian of the Dead

By S.E. Davis

Ariana Dewitt was the product of a teenage pregnancy, born to a child of 14 who had tried to take the life growing within her countless times after being told by her mother she could not abort the baby she had conceived. But it seemed...

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The Dragon Lady

The Dracosinum Tales
By Angelique Esqueda

The Dragon Lady by Angelique S. Anderson is book one of The Dracosinum Tales. In 19th century London, Wylie Petford loves her job working in Lord Adrian's stables and her downtrodden home of Lugwallow. After her father dies due to a long illness, she finds...

The Seventh Seed

By Allison Maruska

The Seventh Seed by Allison Maruska is an action packed thriller that includes a corrupt government, greedy pharmaceutical companies, and absolute power. It could be viewed as a future possibility of the United States. Javier, one of the main characters, sets things in motion as...


By Michael Okon

In Monsterland by Michael Okon, Vincent Konrad swept into the fading town of Copper Valley like a knight in shining armour. He bought the rights to the pipeline, ensuring people could have water, built a new medical centre, and breathed life and renovation into a...

The Lake Lights

The Creation Seekers Volume 1
By William D. Burt

The Lake Lights by William D. Burt is a gripping story that combines elements of adventure, sci-fi, and fantasy into a story that will plunge readers into an intriguing world of mystery and conflict. Jonathan Oliver can’t understand the source of the mysterious lights that...

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The Journal of Liv Theed

By Jay Hollister

The Journal of Liv Theed by Jay Hollister is about a young woman who had fallen prey to the demons of her mind, and how faith brought her back. The journal begins with a girl named Liv Theed, who suffers from severe hallucinations that has...

Khalan & Jane: Arrival at Ahalla

By Barrington Zane

Khalan & Jane: Arrival at Ahalla by Barrington Zane follows the journey of three teenagers that must band together to stop the Spider Lord. Khalan and his foster sister, Jane, have always stood out on their planet. Jane is known for her Earth heritage, while...