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It Feels Good to Feel Good

Learn to eliminate toxins, reverse inflammation and feel great again
By Cheryl Meyer

It Feels Good to Feel Good by Cheryl Meyer is packed with information about toxins in our food and cosmetics. Beyond that, it gives us information on avoiding these toxins and chemicals and where to find affordable alternatives. Also, every chapter includes lists of things...

El Camino de Santiago

A 1st Hand View of Walking 220kms in 9 Days Across the North of Spain
By Simon Green

El Camino De Santiago by Simon Green is a diary of his journey across northern Spain. For some people this experience is a religious journey, for others a trip perhaps of general interest. Simon begins on day one, and continues right up to the end,...

The Body Image Blueprint

Your Go-To Guide for Radical Self-Reverence
By Jenny Berk

Finally, here is a book I can confidently describe as the psychology of the body, The Body Image Blueprint: Your Go-To Guide for Radical Self-Reverence by Jenny Berk, a book that brilliantly traces the path that allows readers to master the art of body image...

Not Tonight I Have a Headache

Understanding Headache and Eliminating It From Your Life
By Ravinder Singh

Do you suffer from frequent headaches? Did you know that headaches are usually a signal that there is something wrong or not functioning properly within the body? Well, you are in for a treat. Not Tonight I Have a Headache: Understanding Headache and Eliminating It...

Flies in the Fan

By Dr. Karen Hutchins Pirnot

I hesitated before deciding to read Flies in the Fan. There are not that many things I am very afraid of, but one of them is certainly old age. I am more afraid of it than death itself, so it should work out for me....

Creating With A Bang!

By Hunter K Smith

Some books you read, feel enthused and utterly entertained, and close them carefully, put them back on the shelf and after few hours, perhaps days, or even weeks, the memories of the settings and the characters linger on, soon to be replaced by the next...

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Eat Smart, Live Long

There Is No Diet That Can Do What Healthy Eating Can
By Alicia Merrell

Good health just does not happen, one needs to make a plan to live a better, healthier, and happier life. Eat Smart, Live Long: There Is No Diet That Can Do What Healthy Eating Can by Alicia Merrell is a useful guide that examines the...

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The Rebel's Guide to Recovery

By Jost Sauer

Slim as it looks, The Rebel's Guide to Recovery by Jost Sauer is a gem for anyone living in the claws of addiction, a book with groundbreaking techniques for achieving freedom from drugs and other addictions. Here is a book that offers a holistic, revolutionary...


How I Trained Myself Back To Life
By Ms Colleen Hierath, Blue Harvest Creative

There are some things I know that I take for granted. First and foremost, among these things is my health. I have been lucky. Through a life full of travel and adventure, even armed combat, I have always had my health. I have never even...

Functional Emotional Fitness™

A Gut-Brain Solution for Reprogramming Any Thought Emotion and Behavior
By Kelly Burris

Functional Emotional Fitness™ (The Mechanism of Emotion and The Gut-Brain Influence) by Kelly Burris is a nonfiction health and fitness book that would appeal most to a mixed audience of adults and young adults who are looking to improve themselves through increasing the level of...

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