Poetry - Love/Romance

Life Between the Words

By Nolan Holloway

Nolan Holloway’s Life Between the Words is a poetry collection that embodies the internal human struggle that lies within each one of us. The struggle with loss, change, and the grief that comes with it all. It is a work of redemption and one of...

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By Rockebah Charles-Stewart

Reflections by poet Rockebah Charles-Stewart is a concise collection filled with rhyming poetry as well as free verse. The style of voice that is used is strong and is consumed with several different emotions. Many of those varying feelings can be found on Plutchik’s wheel...


Volume I
By Joel Webber

Philoetry Volume I by poet Joel Webber is a short collection of rhyming poetry that revolves around topics that each and every one of us can see going on in the world today. We find ourselves faced daily with pockets of revolution, marches, protests, rallies,...

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A Boy Nonetheless

By Robert Denis Holewinski

A Boy Nonetheless by Robert Denis Holewinski is a collection of poetry that, for me, reads as a continuing memoir. Its starting point brings us to a boy and, by the end, readers come to know a young survivor entering adulthood. What you can expect...

Lightning Strikes Twice

By Mari Selby

Mari Selby's collection, Lightning Strikes Twice, shouts from its pages in a clear and strong voice. The black ink speaks of her trials, that could easily be looked upon by the mind's eye instead as blood red font. Her cancer scarred and lightning struck body...

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Cruise Control

Poems and Stories
By Jo-Ann Birch

In the poetry collection Cruise Control by poet Jo-Ann Birch, you will be gifted with an array of poetry that covers the whole gamut. From paintings to memories, you will find yourself in environments so different from the next, but told in such a language...


By Gary Beck

Tremors, a collection by poet Gary Beck, holds within its pages a grand combination of both free verse and rhyming poetry. His poems touch on his viewpoints of civilization as it is today, and where it has been. The words hit you like an energy...

Chasing the Chalice

A Collection of Verses
By Laura Berlin

Chasing the Chalice, by Laura Charlotte Berlin, is a chapbook that entices you into a dream filled with happiness, sorrow, and mischief. Each poem seems to open a rift between reality and fiction. The words invite you to stay for a while, however long you’ve...


Poems of a War in Ukraine
By Murray Pura

In Murray Pura's poetry collection, Petals: Poems of a War in Ukraine, you are immersed in a part of life that many people in this world are not privy to. War. This collection pulls together snapshots of childhood memories and the recalling of war, and...

Torn Poems

By Hugh Dysart

Hugh Dysart's collection, Torn Poems, threads in a professional career as a musician with stances he takes on politics, love, and the state of the world in which we live today. With all that passion, Dysart then creates poetry that conveys a certain authority that...

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