Fiction - Adventure

The Punished

By Cy Forrest

The Punished by Cy Forrest is a novel that features intrigue, romance, and the unusual transformation of the lives of characters involved in a delicate and deadly plot. The story is multi generational, with strong and interesting characters and a political setting that is constructed...


Tales of the Known World: Book One
By D.N. Frost

The mystical city of A’lara has been lost to myth and legend for centuries, but the time has come for it to be unbound. Larin, a young woman in a strange land, is sold as a slave, but escapes with Jorn the dragon handler before...

The Insignificance Paradigm

Prince of Providence Volume 1
By John Hamilton

The Insignificance Paradigm: Prince of Providence - Volume 1 by John Hamilton is the story of a young guy named Eleazaar. He is thrown into a new world where nothing is as it seems. Transitioning into a new world with strangers is never easy, but...

Rise of the Jackal King

Songs of the Osirian Book 2
By Christopher D Abbott

The battle of The Prison of Light was fought four years ago, and it feels like it was just yesterday. The men of the dark lands still struggle with their lives while others thrive. The archaeologist, Dr. Mary Wilson, knows that something isn’t right when...


League of Worlds Volume 1
By M Susanne Wiggins

Gamma by M Susanne Wiggins is the first and compelling entry in the League of Worlds series, a mix of fantasy and sci-fi with characters and themes that will entice both young and adult readers. Meet Alec Ellison, a man who’s grown up learning to...

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An Alien's Guide to the Human Species

By Deb McEwan

An Alien's Guide to the Human Species by Deb McEwan introduces readers to the aliens of the planet Largo. The Terries love watching TV, and especially reality shows are a huge hit. When planet Earth is discovered, the species which regards itself as the most...

My Dream, America

By Helen Munday

My Dream, America by Helen Munday is a recounting of Helen’s life as a youngster and how she dreamed of some day visiting America. Somehow this notion instilled itself in her mind from an early age, and stayed with her until she was able to...

Crushed Velvet

By Alicia L Wright

Crushed Velvet by Alicia L Wright is a captivating, dark and thrilling erotic novel that pushes the boundaries of romance. Scorching hot, sizzling, intense and darkly seductive, this novel exposes romance, emotions and a more realistic side of the world. The novel follows a gorgeous...

In a Wolf's Eyes

Saga of the Black Wolf, Book One
By A. Katie Rose

In a Wolf's Eyes: Saga of the Black Wolf by A. Katie Rose is an epic fantasy with great strengths in plot and character. A slave gladiator with great skills accidentally kills the king and must now protect his life and that of his wizard...

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The Walker

The Untold Story Of Black Bart
By Bruce Bradley

In this fascinating narrative account of Black Bart, we travel back in time to the Old West and learn that when Wells Fargo Bank ruins Charles Boles’s successful gold mine operation, he stops mining and starts robbing ... Wells Fargo stage coaches, that is. The...