Fiction - Anthology

Surfing with Snakes & Dragons

and other Tales of Suburbia
By Roger J. Couture

Surfing with Snakes & Dragons, and other Tales of Suburbia by Roger J. Couture is a collection of eight short stories depicting the way of life (and more) in southern California. From the outside, California is sunny, happy and full of opportunities (and to an...

Broken In

A Novel in Stories
By Jadi Campbell

Broken In: A Novel in Stories by Jadi Campbell is a wonderful collection of short stories that bring together the worlds of compelling characters that readers will love. The reader already notices the wonderful prose in the first story in this gorgeous collection, “Hit and...

If I Can't Sleep, You Can't Sleep

By Christopher D. Ochs

If I Can't Sleep, You Can't Sleep by Christopher Ochs is a collection of short stories in different genres ranging from adventure, horror, romance, you name it - all with a hidden lesson for the reader. All of the stories are unique in their...

The Essence of Life and Love in Australia

By Margaret Lynette Sharp

The 28 short stories in The Essence of Life and Love in Australia by Margaret Lynette Sharp are set against the backdrop of both city and country life in Australia. The collection is diverse and the stories explore reunion, ambition, attraction, serendipity, and the...

Assumptions and Other Stories

By James Mulhern

Assumptions and Other Stories is the latest offering from award-winning novelist James Mulhern. Five of the seven short stories revolve around Molly Bonamici and her travails through her formative years and into adulthood. Two additional stories book-end Molly’s adventures, yet all contain that sly, quirky...

Southern Patchwork Quilt

By Phyllis F. McManus

Southern Patchwork Quilt is a combined work of prose, poetry, fact and fiction, written by Phyllis F. McManus. With an autobiographical beginning, Phyllis tells of how money was hard to come by in the 1950s. A child’s new dress meant blistered fingers, as the parents...

In Sickness and in Hell

A Collection of Unusual Stories
By Stefan Barkow

In Sickness and in Hell: A Collection of Unusual Stories by Stefan Barkow is a precious gem for fans of the short story, but these are not just short stories. They are precious jewels, offered graciously to delight readers. There are eleven stories in this...

Oddities & Entities 2

By Roland Allnach

Whether it is the many years that Roland Allnach has spent working hospital night shifts or just an overly imaginative mind capable of shaping one of a kind horrors, the reason why he has won so many literary awards screams out in every dose of...

Readers’ Favorite Award Winner

Award Winner

The One That Got Away

And Other Short Stories
By Margaret Lynette Sharp

The One that Got Away And Other Short Stories is a collection of three different but engaging stories written by Margaret Lynette Sharp. The entire book doesn’t take long to read, and the stories can literally be read in one short sitting. I certainly believe...

A Symphony of Dragons

By Lisa Shambrook

“The seasons are not a concerto. They’re a full symphony. You each have a place, and beneath my watchful eye, I want to see you sparkle as the heavens do. Learn compassion and selfless spirit. Know that this world turns to your tune, your movement...