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Paleo Diet

30 Recipes to lose weight fast, clean your body and mind and be more energetic (Diet recipes, Weight loss, Paleo Diet, Paleo cookbook, lose weight, Paleo diet ultimate guide)
By James Parker

Paleo is the root word for “Paleolithic,” which means the Stone Age era from which the Paleo diet is derived. The caveman diet consisted of meats, fruits, herbs and vegetables - they lived off the land. Paleo Diet by James Parker takes you back to...

Instant Pot Vegan Cookbook

10 Ingredients Recipes To Help You Save Time & Money
By Lisa Hyde

In today's busy culture it's hard to eat a good, quick, easy and nutritious meal, especially if you have a family to feed. With Lisa Hyde’s Instant Pot Vegan Cookbook: 10 Ingredients Recipes To Help You Save Time & Money, you will discover how to...

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Mother Tapley's Recipe Book

Tasty Down East Cooking
By Katherine E. Tapley-Milton

Let’s go back to basics and cook at home like we use to. Cooking at home stimulates community and builds family. By cooking at home you will not only know how your food is being prepared and what is in your dishes, but you will...

Kitchen Witch

Halloween Recipes for Kids
By Russell Dorn

Halloween is supposed to be fun. Spooky, yes, but also fun. Dressing up in weird costumes and eating all kinds of goodies. How about making some delectable treats and throwing a very haunting Halloween party? All you need is a little creativity, a sense of...

Some Picnic!

By Ian Robinson

Starting one’s own business is a major undertaking. Even if it’s a great idea, there’s a lot to consider, such as: knowing if there’s a market for this business, startup and operating costs, marketing, and much more. How about starting a business providing picnic lunches?...

20 Recipes Without Refined Sugars

By Nancy B. Moore

Nancy B. Moore has written a cookbook called 20 Recipes Without Refined Sugars. The name threw me. I was expecting sugar-free recipes, but that is not what we have here. Ms. Moore’s recipes use raw honey or molasses, non-processed sweeteners. If the reader has discovered...

Live to Eat and Share

Cooking from the Heart and Living Well
By Susan Nielsen

We eat to live, but sometimes, for many of us anyway, we live to eat. And why not? Food is full of tantalizing flavors and textures, as well as having the potential of being nutritious. And, for those more adventurous than others, there are many...

Creating With A Bang!

By Hunter K Smith

Some books you read, feel enthused and utterly entertained, and close them carefully, put them back on the shelf and after few hours, perhaps days, or even weeks, the memories of the settings and the characters linger on, soon to be replaced by the next...

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Southern Seasons

12 Months of Tea-licious Recipes & Ideas
By Linda J. Hawkins

Tea is good just about any time and anywhere. Tea time is not just an afternoon tea event, like the English started in the 1700s to ward off the hunger pangs that hit part way through the long afternoon. There are many types of teas,...

Baking at its Best

A guide for home bakers and would be entrepreneurs
By V. Dale

Do you enjoy cooking? Baking? Does everyone enjoy eating your creations? Perhaps some have even suggested that you could start up a business with your food delights. Well, why not! Others have done it, and quite successfully, too. Why not you? V. Dale has degrees...