Young Adult - Paranormal

Guardian of the Dead

By S.E. Davis

Ariana Dewitt was the product of a teenage pregnancy, born to a child of 14 who had tried to take the life growing within her countless times after being told by her mother she could not abort the baby she had conceived. But it seemed...

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The Dragon Lady

The Dracosinum Tales
By Angelique Esqueda

The Dragon Lady by Angelique S. Anderson is book one of The Dracosinum Tales. In 19th century London, Wylie Petford loves her job working in Lord Adrian's stables and her downtrodden home of Lugwallow. After her father dies due to a long illness, she finds...

The Journal of Liv Theed

By Jay Hollister

The Journal of Liv Theed by Jay Hollister is about a young woman who had fallen prey to the demons of her mind, and how faith brought her back. The journal begins with a girl named Liv Theed, who suffers from severe hallucinations that has...

The Vacant Ones

By Stephanie Berezowski

The Vacant Ones is a YA occult horror story written by Stephanie Berezowski. Emily was having a difficult time coping with the loss of her sister, and she wasn't the only one. Her mother, Sue, having already suffered the loss of her first born, now...

Pretty Little Werewolf

By Katie Salidas

Pretty Little Werewolf by Katie Salidas is the first book in the Little Werewolf series. Giselle has spent her whole life bouncing from place to place. Like clockwork on the full moon, when her inner wolf surfaces, her current foster family sends her back into...


Insurrection Book 3
By Kadee Carder

Indelible by Kadee Carder is the third book in the Insurrection series. Like all teenagers, in fact like most people, Saylor is constantly struggling with her identity, her sense of purpose and her self-worth. All around her the battles between right and wrong rage, and...

Teenage Psychic On Campus

By Pamela Woods-Jackson

In the riveting paranormal novel, Teenage Psychic On Campus by Pamela Woods-Jackson, two college students with similar unique abilities have an antagonistic relationship. Despite their shared animosity towards each other and ghost hunting, they are bulldozed into working together on a ghost stalking team. Caryn...

More Spooky Tales Inspired by Real Ghost Stories

Can You See Me, The Good Neighbor, & Other Ghostly Encounters
By Autumn Chills

More Spooky Tales Inspired by Real Ghost Stories, by Autumn Chills, is a collection of short stories that remind us that our loved ones will comfort us, even in death. Like a pool of memories, these stories remind us of the times when we were...

Eden Wakes

By C.S. Harte

Kayla is 16 and has been to more foster homes than she can count on one hand. Strange things happen around her, some might call it a talent, some a curse. But no matter what you call it, her talents are the reason no family...

The Spirit Field Adventures

By Adam M Hitz

The Spirit Field Adventures: Spark by Adam M Hitz is a spellbinding urban fantasy, a story with strong characters and a huge personal and interpersonal conflict. It isn’t until the class trip to the Smithsonian that twelve-year-old Brandon discovers that he has a special gift....