Romance - Fantasy/Sci-Fi


A Windflower Saga Novella (The Windflower Saga) (Volume 16)
By Aleksandra Layland

Every life has a story. Even the secondary characters in a fictional novel have a story to tell. Albina is one of these secondary characters, but her story is worth telling, too. And what better way to tell Albina’s story than in her own words,...

Dragon's Treasure

Dragons Awakening Book 1
By Maya Starling

Dragon's Treasure: Dragons Awakening Book 1 by Maya Starling has a story that I thought would be predictable, but boy was I surprised. The intensity of the story and the deep development of the characters drew me in and I did not want to stop...

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The Duke’s Magnificent Bastard

By Sandra Masters

The Duke’s Magnificent Bastard by Sandra Masters is a spellbinding historical novel that features interesting characters and a gripping plot. Meet Thorn Wick, the bastard son of a duke, who is doing everything to win his father’s good graces by working hard to achieve recognition...

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The Rejig

By Kamalakannan Rajasekaran

I liked The Rejig by Kamalakannan Rajasekaran. I know for certain that this book isn’t for everyone, but I feel that with a little luck, it might be for enough readers to make the writer a lot of money. It is quirky. It is offbeat....

Forged in Love

A Romance Novella
By Ronnda Eileen Henry

Forged in Love is a romance novella written by Ronnda Eileen Henry. Penny was quite happy being unmarried and living with her parents in the small village of Pennington-by-Greta. Penny would have liked to have found a husband and have her own family, but it...


A Dark Romance
By Z Exie

Thecla: A Dark Romance by Z Exie is a compelling story that combines romance and sci-fi to create great entertainment for readers. In a tale set in the very distant future, readers are introduced to young Thecla, a brave girl who survives impossible odds in...


Luminary Saga Volume 1
By P.S. Meraux

Luminary by P.S. Meraux is Volume 1 of the Luminary Saga. There is no written rule that says you can only have one soulmate in your lifetime. And there is nothing that says you get to choose your soulmate either. A student from Georgia has...

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The Azellian Affairs, Book One
By Sara L. Daigle

Tamara is working to finish her college degree at a time when it has been discovered that there are other planets out there with life on them, and in fact ambassadors have been sent and received for over 50 years. This year is going to...

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The Knight on Armoured Steed

The Silent Assassin #4
By Adrian P.

Adrian P.’s The Knight on Armoured Steed is book four in The Silent Assassin series, a book that is set in the future, featuring very compelling characters and a sophisticated plot line. Meet two powerful warriors, Audi Prabian and Jane Drake, poised to take down...

Love in Two Acts

A Romance Novella
By Ronnda Eileen Henry

Love in Two Acts (A Romance Novella) by Ronnda Eileen Henry is a stunning romance story about a young woman named Marigold. Marigold and her friend and cousin, Princess Rozabela, are on their way to the kingdom of Selby for a royal wedding when their...