Romance - Contemporary

Beauty and the Recluse

By Ellie Gray

Beauty and the Recluse by Ellie Gray tells the story of Kiya, who takes a housekeeping job after she sees an advertisement. The people around her wonder why she wants this particular job, especially since she’ll be working for the recluse St. John. Kiya takes...

The Gamesters

An Erotic Tale of Love & Backfired Revenge
By C. St. Sinclair

Avril isn’t looking for anything at all when she wanders down into the bar for a drink and a little editing, but something definitely comes out of it. A chance meeting with an older man who is different from anyone she’s ever known. Peter isn’t...

You and I

The Kate and Robert Chronicles
By Suzanne Eglington

You and I: The Kate and Robert Chronicles by Suzanne Eglington is an intense story, a sizzling romance that is as gripping as any romance can be. When Kate meets Robert, she knows instantly that her heart belongs to him. The couple sets out on...

A Wonderful Piece of Dark Mahogany

By Ju Ephraime

A Wonderful Piece of Dark Mahogany is a new adult contemporary romance novel written by Ju Ephraime. Mel Molyneux dreaded being late for the bus she took to get to work, and she equally felt constrained to rush for the bus when her daily job...

This Old Cafe

Stonehill Romance Book 5
By Marci Boudreaux

This Old Café by Marci Boudreaux depicts the story of Jenna Reid and Daniel Maguire. Jenna has recently divorced and is trying to make a name for herself. She’s left past hurts behind her, and she is seeking a new life of independence. Lieutenant Colonel...

Make it Short, Make it Simple

By Luis Rousset

Make it Short, Make it Simple by Luis Rousset is the story of Alan Leary, a detective from New York who goes to Macae, Rio de Janeiro to investigate the sudden death of an engineer. Once he gets there, he realizes that this case is...

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His Chance

HIS Series Book 4
By Sheila Kell

His Chance by Sheila Kell is the fourth book in the HIS romance suspense series. This is a book that would appeal most to a mixed audience of mature young adults and adults who enjoy romances with an element of danger mixed in, and who...

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Man Down

Wings of Gold Book 3
By Tracy Tappan

Man Down: Wings of Gold Book 3 by Tracy Tappan is one of the coolest romances I have read so far this year. The story follows a soldier and a doctor who travel through a dangerous land towards safety, and in the meantime, the two...

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Vital Temptations

A Heart's Betrayal
By K.L. Lewis

Vital Temptations: A Heart's Betrayal by K.L. Lewis is a novel of the heart, a story of passion and a love that could destroy a well-ordered life. Dr. Bethany McNeal has just suffered a very nasty breakup in a relationship, but she is happy living...

Twists of Fate

A Folk-Rock Odyssey
By Robert Gilberg

Twists of Fate by Robert Gilberg takes you on a romantic journey through time. Tom Patterson decides to take a road trip to California, wondering if second chances are possible. Tom has lived a sensible life. Living in Dayton, OH, he married Sara, raised their...