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The Green Reaper

Memoirs of an Eco-Mortician
By Elizabeth Fournier

The author of The Green Reaper, Elizabeth Fournier, knew from childhood onward that she wanted a career in the mortuary business. As a child, she played “funeral,” and as a young adult, she banged on doors until she got her first job working for a...

Amazon Wisdom Keeper

A Psychologist's Memoir of Spiritual Awakening
By Loraine Y. Van Tuyl

Amazon Wisdom Keeper is the amazing story of one woman's life, as she struggles to grow and thrive in a country beset by revolution. As a young girl, Loraine Y. Van Tuyl grew up in the tiny rainforest country of Suriname. She was a perceptive...

Everyday Mystic

Finding the Extraordinary in the Ordinary
By Theresa Joseph and Linda Fallo-Mitchell, Ph.D.

A woman records her spiritual journey and how she transcends in the enlightening non-fiction book, Everyday Mystic: Finding The Extraordinary In The Ordinary by Theresa Joseph and Linda Fallo-Mitchell. After years of receiving messages from the spiritual realm, Theresa begins to apply them in her...

The First Signs of April

By Mary-Elizabeth Briscoe

The First Signs of April (A Memoir) by Mary-Elizabeth Briscoe explores themes of guilt, grief and how she coped when faced with losses in her life. Briscoe writes passionately and sensitively; this memoir deals with some very heavy themes, but there are also some laughs....

Ben'oni L'Benyamin: From Sorrow to Strength

My Journey with Depression
By Rabbi Sara Berman

Ben'oni L'Benyamin: From Sorrow to Strength: My Journey with Depression is a nonfiction motivational self-help book written by Rabbi Sara Berman. Berman, who is an ordained Rabbi and a board-certified chaplain, had worked in the Neuropsychiatric Institute as part of her participation in UCLA’s chaplaincy...

100 People to Meet Before You Die

Travel to Exotic Cultures
By Jackie Chase

Jackie Chase is a driven woman. Where others enjoy the comforts of home, Chase gets out there and lives life. In 100 People to Meet Before You Die: Travel to Exotic Cultures, Chase shares her adventures with the aim of visiting people who live their...

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I Know It in My Heart

Walking Through Grief with a Child
By Mary E. Plouffe Ph.D.

I Know It in My Heart: Walking Through Grief with a Child by Mary E. Plouffe Ph.D. is a powerful, heart wrenching memoir that takes a visceral, somewhat clinical look at loss, grief, and healing, the journey of a woman and a child through devastating...

Journey On

Finding You, Seeing You, Loving You
By Debbie R. Smith

Journey On: Finding You, Seeing You, Loving You is a nonfiction autobiographical self-help book written by Debbie R. Smith. Smith is a young adult, new adult and women’s mentor and coach, as well as a parent, and she shares the benefits of her life experiences...

An Unlikely Season

Destined, From Tykes to Titans, A Season Unbound
By J.R. Wirth, James (Jim) Joyce, Roy Rhino

An Unlikely Season: Destined, From Tykes to Titans, A Season Unbound is a non-fiction sports memoir written by J.R. Wirth, James (Jim) Joyce and Roy Rhino. The 1977 Gladstone Gladiators football season should not have been anything memorable, judging from the team’s dismal performance in...

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Fishing With Hyenas

By Theresa Mathews

Fishing With Hyenas by Theresa Mathews is a fascinating tale of her real life adventures on the open sea with a group of fishermen. You can almost smell the fish as you crash through the adventure in the ups and downs of life on the...