Children - Adventure

The Adventures of Popcorn and Jellybean

By Robert Gillespie

The Adventures of Popcorn and Jellybean by Robert Gillespie is an adorable fantasy story where young readers are introduced to two friends, Popcorn and Jellybean. It is a Saturday afternoon and they both decide to go on an adventure. Their adventure introduces them to many...

Silly Leo

By Angela Padilla

Silly Leo by Angela Padilla is a picture book, which makes it very attractive to children between the ages of five and nine, but it also has an extensive vocabulary. Bought for a five-year-old who may need quite a lot of help reading it, Silly...

Molly Spungle

The Secret of Red Stone
By Jessie L. Best

Molly Spungle: The Secret of Red Stone by Jessie L. Best is a middle grade story that starts out with Molly, a spungle fairy, who finds herself being tricked by the evil Jar-ed, who wants to steal her magic. With broken wings, an injured man...

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DOTTY and the Dream Catchers

The DOTTY Series, Book 3
By Emma Warner-Reed

Dotty and the Dream Catchers is the third book in the Dotty series, written by Emma Warner-Reed. Eleven-year-old Dotty Parsons – a Guardian of the Sweeps – is finally beginning boarding school, but is hesitant to attend due to the horrific recurring dreams she has...

The Absurd Adventures of Monkey, Puppy, and Lion

The Day of the Closed Door Conspiracy
By Nick Stockton

The Absurd Adventures of Monkey, Puppy, and Lion: The Day of the Closed Door Conspiracy is an action and adventure tale for children written by Nick Stockton. In his About the Series section of the book, Stockton reveals the genesis of his continued tales about...


Adventures of An Expat Dog
By Jackie Clark Mancuso

What does a dog do to adapt to new surroundings in a strange country? How does he communicate past hello and goodbye? Paris-Chien (Adventures of An Expat Dog) by Jackie Clark Mancuso is a cute children's book about Hudson, a fun-loving terrier that relocates to...


By Ralph Baldwin

Bucky is the incredible true story of a boy and his faithful dog, written by Ralph E. Baldwin and illustrated by Sudipta ‘Steve’ Dasgupta. When ten-year-old Jimmy discovers a large dog in an alley with a bucket on its head, the whole town makes a...

Where in the World is Thailand?

By Margaret Davis Ledford

Where in the World is Thailand? by Margaret Davis Ledford is a children’s picture book story narrated by a boy named David, who moves with his father and other family members when his father transfers to an army base in Thailand. It details the new...

Firefighters' Busy Day!

By Maria Bostian

Firefighters’ Busy Day! is a children’s book for young, aspiring firefighters, written in rhyme by Maria Bostian and illustrated by Chris Danger. As firefighters clean their vehicles and make sure their equipment is secure, a call comes in that a house is on fire. People...

Sunken Treasure Hunt - Singapore

Keiko and Kenzo Travel Adventure Series
By Sumita Mukherjee

If your children are looking for a book of fun, adventure, and with colorful illustrations, get a copy of Sunken Treasure Hunt - Singapore: Keiko and Kenzo Travel Adventure Series by Sumita Mukherjee. Join siblings Keiko and Kenzo, and their dad, Mr. Kimura, their pet...