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Twitter Decoded

Tips & Tools for Authors
By Ruth L. Snyder

Are you an author struggling to build your social media platform? Do you need help setting up Twitter? Even professional authors must maintain the responsibility of their social media accounts. Some literary agents won't consider an author if they have low social visibility. So, how...

Fables for Leaders

By John Lubans

By nature I am a fan of fables, fairytales, and legends so when I came across John Lubans' Fables for Leaders, there was no way I could pass it by. The book is segmented into chapters which are then subdivided further. For example, in the...

Playbook Strategy to Stand Out Like a Business Giant

By Ndeye Labadens

Playbook Strategy to Stand Out Like a Business Giant by Ndeye Labadens is an insightful read which speaks about leadership skills and behavior. The author’s concepts of feed forwarding, mind mapping, and design thinking are useful tools and will make readers think about how to...

Leaders Lab

66 Ways to Develop Your Leadership Skill, Strategy, and Style
By Jane Moyer

Leaders Lab: 66 Ways to Develop Your Leadership Skill, Strategy, and Style by Jane Moyer is a well-researched, wonderfully crafted tool for experienced and would-be leaders in different fields, a book that is written in a simple style, with excellent points that are not masked...

The Law Firm Revolution

By Clelia Pergola

What does it take to survive, to thrive, and reach high levels of success as a lawyer in today’s highly competitive and complex business world? In The Law Firm Revolution, career professional, founder, and experienced attorney, Clelia Pergola, shares powerful tips and offers the wisdom...

Secrets Of A Digital Marketing Ninja

A Marketer's Guide To Sustainable Growth
By Daniel Rosenfeld

Written from the insight of what worked for him, Daniel Rosenfeld imparts his wisdom and experience in his book, Secrets Of A Digital Marketing Ninja, with the hope of giving the little guy a helping hand. Every day businesses start, and are made or broken...

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Leverage Your Strengths for an Effective Job Search
By Gabriela Casineanu

Introverts: Leverage Your Strengths for an Effective Job Search by Gabriela Casineanu is a book written for introverts by an introvert on tips and strategies for an effective and successful job search. The book is based on the premise, which is true, that the world...

You Can Be a Top Performer

9 Simple Ways to Advance Your Career
By Iris Yu

I grew up thinking that there was no worker on earth who worked as hard as the American worker. I thought that for a very long time until I finally realized that there are great workers and terrible workers in every country. America doesn't have...

Blueprint to Your Success

By Dan Pederson

Understanding each of the aspects of your life is important to your future, but of course, it’s going to take some introspection. By delving deeply into your own wants and needs, you’ll be able to really create the blueprint you need to be successful in...

Basic Construction Safety and Health

By Fred Fanning

In a world where technology is advancing, awareness of risks is increasing, and liability is climbing. It is more important now to be fully aware of health and safety. From having the right ladder for the right job to the right protection not only prevents...

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