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League of Worlds Volume 1
By M Susanne Wiggins

Gamma by M Susanne Wiggins is the first and compelling entry in the League of Worlds series, a mix of fantasy and sci-fi with characters and themes that will entice both young and adult readers. Meet Alec Ellison, a man who’s grown up learning to...

An Alien's Guide to the Human Species

By Deb McEwan

An Alien's Guide to the Human Species by Deb McEwan introduces readers to the aliens of the planet Largo. The Terries love watching TV, and especially reality shows are a huge hit. When planet Earth is discovered, the species which regards itself as the most...

Just Love Everybody

Father Time is Running Out On Mother Nature
By Greg Ware

Just Love Everybody: Father Time is Running Out On Mother Nature by Greg Ware is a novel set in the far future where the world is almost destroyed, but one man is on a mission to save everyone with a unique and almost eclectic idea....

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The Price of Paradise

A Science Fiction Romance Series (The Divine Space Pirates Book 3)
By C. S. Johnson

C.S. Johnson has done it again! Her third and final installment of The Divine Space Pirates series, The Price of Paradise, had me on pins and needles, holding my breath in anticipation. After books one and two, The Price of Paradise finds our main characters...

Children Of The Furnace

By Brin Murray

Ty wasn’t Wil’s father, but he’s the only parent Wil has ever known. He’s raised him the way Wil’s deceased mother asked him too, not strong in their way, but strong in the ways of the heart. Then Wil meets a Revout in the forest....

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The Time Slipsters

By Terry Tumbler

The Time Slipsters by Terry Tumbler is a gripping sci-fi story with a powerful concept, an exhilarating adventure, and a pulsating plot. Terry Tumbler, struck by an insane idea that he may have visited Turkey in another incarnation, convinces his wife to make a trip...

Freaks and Greeks

By Timothy Bowden

Freaks and Greeks by Timothy Bowden is a beautiful blend of an epic fantasy with sci-fi, a story that will appeal to fans of mythology and stories with well-crafted settings and strong characters. Miltiades of Athens has never gotten any great appreciation and recognition from...

Time To Lie

Landon Bridges' Story Book 1
By Phil Taylor

Time To Lie: Landon Bridges' Story Book 1 by Phil Taylor is what I would call a YA thriller/sci fi/comedy that is somewhat reminiscent of Back to the Future, but without the DeLorean going 88 miles per hour in order to travel to a different...

The Stargazer's Embassy

By Eleanor Lerman

The Stargazer's Embassy by Eleanor Lerman is a gripping sci-fi story about alien abductions with great flair of originality and a cast of compelling characters. Julia Glazer has known about alien abductions since she was a child; her experience wasn’t a pretty one and not...

The Breadth of Creation

A Science Fiction Romance Series (The Divine Space Pirates Book 2)
By C. S. Johnson

After the thrilling and tumultuous events of book 1 of this series (The Heights of Perdition), I found myself wondering if C.S. Johnson could recapture the spark, desperation, and hope I felt oozing from her two main characters, Exton and Aerie. Well, I am happy...