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Soothing Rain

Living Water To Refresh Your Soul
By Tonya Jewel Blessing, Sue Summers

Soothing Rain: Living Water to Refresh Your Soul by Tonya Jewel Blessing and Sue Summers is a fantastic devotional for women. It’s divided into 52 short themed chapters and is intended to be read in women’s study groups, but I found it was also a...

Breaking Chains of Darkness

Deliverance & Spiritual Warfare Manual
By Dr James Fent

Do we automatically become delivered and saved from the grip of the evil one who prowls through the night, seeking someone to devour the moment we surrender our lives to Jesus? In Breaking Chains of Darkness: Deliverance & Spiritual Warfare Manual, Dr James Fent offers...

What Good Is Jesus?

By Marv Nelson

What Good Is Jesus? is an inspiring and captivating Christian non-fiction book written by Marv Nelson. Nelson writes the book from a fresh new perspective in consideration of today’s culture and ideas. He does not shy away from delving into difficult topics and questions that...

Beyond the Horizon

Overcoming the Fear of Death
By Charles G. Branz

Beyond the Horizon: Overcoming the Fear of Death by Charles G. Branz is a scripture-based book written by an author who has experience in both the medical profession and in ministry. The two main goals of the book are to show the reader how God...

Sex in Marriage

From a Four-Letter Word to a Holy Act
By Denelle Scanlan

Sex in Marriage: From a Four-Letter Word to a Holy Act is a much-needed book today in our society, especially for those within the church or who have been raised with religious teachings. Author Denelle Scanlan writes this book from her own personal experiences and...

The Power Gifts

There are three power gifts taught in scripture
By Michael E.B. Maher

In his book The Power Gifts, author Michael E.B. Maher helps the reader to better understand the gifts of the Holy Spirit as recorded in scripture. He states there are nine gifts broken down into three different categories: Revelation gifts, Power gifts and Speaking gifts....

If I Should Fall

By Heather Nadine Lenz

Faith is tough on a normal day, so what do you do when your marriage is falling apart, and your world is shattered with a diagnosis of Stage Four pancreatic cancer? Charlotte learns the hard way in If I Should Fall by Heather Nadine Lenz....

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A King is Coming

By Paul Wilbur, Patrick McGuffin

A King is Coming opens with the question: Why should political correctness undermine our attitudes to family, gender, marriage and protection for the unborn? Paul Wilbur and Patrick McGuffin go on to tackle the wider political issues of terrorism. The tragedy of 9/11 was motivated...

Wheels of Wisdom

Life Lessons for the Restless Spirit
By Tim Bishop and Debbie Bishop

In their most recent book, Wheels of Wisdom – Life Lessons for the Restless Spirit, Tim and Debbie Bishop give some pretty amazing stories of where they have traveled across America. This book inspires the reader to understand they aren’t alone in facing the difficulties...

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The Power of Your Purpose
By Beth Stewart

Emerge: The Power of Your Purpose by Beth Stewart is an insightful and uplifting book that will guide readers to find their purpose. Everyone is searching for life’s meaning and whether one is young or old, man, woman, or child, they all want to feel...