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Learn Spanish for Beginners

Easy Step-by-Step Method to Start Learning Spanish Today
By Rasmus Mikkelsen

Learning a new language may be difficult because the rules of engagement can be different than what you are accustomed to. For example, in some languages certain letters are not pronounced nor represented as they would be in the English language. Learn Spanish for Beginners:...

100 Wild Mushrooms

Memoirs of the '60s
By Eva Pasco

For a feel-good, groovy trip down the sixties’ Memory Lane, look no further than 100 Wild Mushrooms: Memoirs of the 60’s by Eva Pasco. Pasco's 100 Wild Mushrooms isn’t an analytical research tome on the social, technological and political complexities of the psychedelic sixties. Far...

Arising Here, Now

By Nejoud Al-Yagout

The concise, articulate, and profoundly thoughtful articles included in the far-too-short collection titled Arising Here, Now by Nejoud Al-Yagout are reminiscent of those pamphleteering calls to justice prevalent in pre-revolutionary times. In turn, however, these particularly clear-thinking critiques and observations directed specifically to the author’s...

Embracing Reality

A Directive for Achieving Sustainability in the Twenty-first Century
By Jeb Taylor

In Embracing Reality: A Directive for Achieving Sustainability in the Twenty-first Century, Jeb Taylor states that humankind’s behavior is severely diminishing the earth’s resources. In this spellbinding, utterly thought-provoking and timely discussion, the author invites readers to consider the root causes of why the earth...

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Dust in My Pack

Ignite Your Adventurous Soul with Travelling Tales from Around Our World
By Nancy O'Hare

Nancy O’Hare’s Dust in My Pack is part of a new generation of travel books. This book, and others like it, is an adventure log, a testament to a life well lived. The book is divided into subject chapters for ease of use: Boat Trips,...

A Kilo of String

By Rob Johnson

Welcome to Greece! A Kilo of String by Rob Johnson takes readers on an entertaining trip to Greece with the author and his wife, Penny, and their experiences while living there. The author’s entertaining stories, interesting anecdotes, and humor make this book an excellent read...

100 People to Meet Before You Die

Travel to Exotic Cultures
By Jackie Chase

Jackie Chase is a driven woman. Where others enjoy the comforts of home, Chase gets out there and lives life. In 100 People to Meet Before You Die: Travel to Exotic Cultures, Chase shares her adventures with the aim of visiting people who live their...

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Instant Friendship

How to Make Friends Instantly!
By The INSTANT-Series

Many people struggle with connecting with others and developing meaningful relationships. Instant Friendship: How to Make Friends Instantly! by The INSTANT-Series is a useful tool that will give good guidance when it comes to making friends easily. The tips and techniques shared by the author...

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Notes of a Naive Traveler

Nepal and Thailand
By Jennifer S. Alderson

Notes of a Naive Traveler: Nepal and Thailand by Jennifer S. Alderson is the entertaining and fascinating travel story of a twenty-seven-year-old whose entire perspective changes after the amazing experience she has after traveling to Nepal and Thailand. Traveling is an adventure and the author’s...

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Kitchen Witch

Halloween Recipes for Kids
By Russell Dorn

Halloween is supposed to be fun. Spooky, yes, but also fun. Dressing up in weird costumes and eating all kinds of goodies. How about making some delectable treats and throwing a very haunting Halloween party? All you need is a little creativity, a sense of...