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In Your Dreams

By Amy Martin

Amy Martin’s In Your Dreams follows teenager Zara “Zip” McKee as she navigates the small-town high school of Titusville, Illinois. Although Zip is the basketball star and top of her class, Zip’s junior year is anything but typical after she meets new kid Kieran Lanier....

Charlie's Crystal Pyramids

By Renée Wehrle

The kids at school called Charlie a nerd and a brainy one at that. All because of a presentation she did in Grade 2 that described her family holiday as an archaeological dig in Egypt, while everyone else in the class had a typical beach-like...

The Patchwork Girl

By Sebastian Bendix

In The Patchwork Girl by Sebastian Bendix, 16-year-old Padget Beaumont is trudging through life-her scientist dad has mysteriously disappeared for months, she is shunned at school, and lost her best friend because of a boy. Padget is determined to face these annoying hardships and everything...


The Want Series
By K. T. Conte

Told in an absorbing first person narrative voice, Awoke is a gripping entry in the Want Series by K.T. Conte, a great read for young adult fans of the paranormal. As the story begins, readers are introduced to Katya, a young girl preparing for a...

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Marker of Hope

Creatura #3
By Nely Cab

Marker of Hope: Creatura #3 by Nely Cab is a well-developed and blood-pumping story that will keep you on the edge of your seat and wanting more. Although I have not read the previous novels in the series, I thoroughly enjoyed this novel. The story...

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Magdalena Gottschalk

The Crooked Trail
By M. Gail Grant

Magdalena Gottschalk: The Crooked Trail by M. Gail Grant follows Magdalena upon her thirteenth birthday when she discovers secrets in her quaint town of Lily Brooke. After an exploration through the woods with her friends, Gabriel and Hubert, leads them to a hidden cave, they...

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No Boundaries

By P G Cartwright

No Boundaries by PG Cartwright is neither a novel nor a thesis; it has its own unique flavor. Instead, you will follow Jie-Won as he looks for a world with no boundaries. A world where there is no disparity between rich and poor, single and...

Hollis McCalister

By DK McCloud

Hollis McCalister is a typical nerdy teenager, who is only trying to survive high school on a daily basis, as well as constant bullying from one of his peers. His life is not easy. Apart from being shy, and really unhappy because of the whole...

Stealing Liberty

By Jennifer Froelich

Stealing Liberty is a young adult novel by Jennifer Froelich. Reed and Riley are two teens who meet in a very unexpected place: a top secret detention school for teens whose parents are deemed enemies of the state. Reed does not expect to start a...

The Devil's Fairy Tale

The Wolf in the Woods
By Greg Stewart

I have been a lover of fairy tales my entire life. Long before I understood the often-dark symbolism, or the deeper psychological terror that runs through most fairy tales, I simply enjoyed how afraid these stories made me. I think this is the attractive point...

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