Christian - Fantasy/Sci-Fi

The Emerald Enigma

Space Drifters, Book 1
By Paul Regnier

The Emerald Enigma by Paul Regnier is the first story in the Space Drifter series and is a rare blend of outer space heroics and slapstick comedy. An odd but fun assortment of characters make up the crew of the star ship that serves as...

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By Nicklous Adams II

Zanthia by Nicklous Adams II is an excellent epic fantasy tale for young adults. In the land of Zanthia, two boys and a girl are forced to go on the run when their city is destroyed by the monstrous Krazul. Micah, of the Levithian people,...

The Kingdom

Here Be Dragons, Here Be Dreams
By Joanne Rolston

The Kingdom: Here Be Dragons, Here Be Dreams by Joanne Rolston is a Christian fantasy story that would appeal most to a mixed audience of Christian young adults and adults who enjoy fantasy and memoirs. Joanna is the great-great-granddaughter of a German immigrant called Anna...

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By Kerry Nietz

Frayed: DarkTrench Shadow Volume 1 by Kerry Nietz is the story of a debugger, a human who has been altered and given a set of rules that he has to live his life by. ThreadBare is a human, but it seems like centuries since he...

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The Heights of Perdition

A Science Fiction Romance Series (The Divine Space Pirates Book 1)
By C. S. Johnson

What might become of our civilization after world-wide nuclear war? How might government and humanity react? What would the fallout be? The Heights of Perdition by C.S. Johnson gives us a possible glimpse. Aerie St. Cloud is a dutiful student, if not a tad willful,...

Daniel and the Triune Quest

Sons and Daughters Book 2
By Nathan Lumbatis

This is textbook Christian fantasy, combining modern writing with age-old truths in a winning blend. The second book of Nathan Lumbatis’ exciting series, Daniel and the Triune Quest puts a lot of oomph into this popular genre. Still nursing memories of their earlier experiences in...

The Robbie Petersen Exchange

The Acts of the Dragons Book 2
By Jarrod Edge, Isabella Edge

The Robbie Petersen Exchange (The Acts of the Dragons Book 2) by Jarrod and Isabella Edge is a highly imaginative story based on four siblings with extraordinary skills, who also work for the FBI. The children go on a secret mission to uncover information about...

Day Moon

Tomorrow's Edge Book 1
By Brett Armstrong

I love science fiction and fantasy. I am a Christian. I am sure many people, my mother first among them, think that I am not Christian enough. That is a matter of what you think the exact definition of the word Christian means. I like...

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Pay for My Sin

The Revelation Diary
By Iryna Combs

Pay for My Sin: The Revelation Diary by Iryna Combs is an inspiring story with dystopian elements. There is chaos everywhere as the world hastens to its end. Mary has only one thing in mind: to save her family from eternal damnation. But an encounter...


A Novel
By John L Owens

Anomaly is a Christian science fiction thriller written by John L. Owens. Joel loved his morning runs along Green Port Beach in Florida. He even braved category 4 hurricane winds to be out there, pounding the sand and watching as the waves crashed upon the...