Non-Fiction - Autobiography


Minstrel of the Wild
By John Edmond

I chose to review this book as I was curious to learn more about the recent history of Rhodesia, later to become Zambia and Zimbabwe. I was not disappointed as in Bushcat: Minstrel of the Wild, the author, John Edmond, takes us through all the...

Man & Horse

The Long Ride Across America
By John Egenes

Man & Horse: The Long Ride Across America by John Egenes is a non-fiction travel memoir set in the 1970s. Man & Horse is a story about a solo journey that John undertakes with his horse, Gizmo, across the continental United States. The book is...

Girl on the Right

Memoir of a Life Upside Down
By Tina Truax

Girl on the Right: Memoir of a Life Upside Down is an autobiography written by Tina Truax. The author knew she was not the brightest, most wonderful child in the world. Her father had made sure she realized those facts, first in the way he...

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He Tried To Kill Me

The Untold Story of a Modern Day Christian Wife
By Kenyata R. Love

He Tried To Kill Me: The Untold Story of a Modern Day Christian Wife is Kenyata R. Love’s own brutally honest story of the ten years she spent trapped in a mentally, physically and sexually abusive marriage to a manipulative man who professed to be...

You Can't Buy Love Like That

Growing Up Gay in the Sixties
By Carol E. Anderson

In her sensitive and poignant memoir, You Can't Buy Love Like That: Growing Up Gay in the Sixties, Carol E. Anderson bares her heart and soul to readers so beautifully and intelligently that even if you aren’t gay and weren’t born into a Fundamentalist Christian...

A Journey To Yonder

By Nidhi Hans

A Journey to Yonder by Nidhi Kaur is a short but captivating memoir that follows one woman’s journey to conquering her inner freedom, an inspirational story that will show readers that they have the freedom to choose their responses to whatever happened to them in...

A Walk With Purpose

Memoir of a Bioentrepreneur
By Michael D. Becker

A Walk With Purpose: Memoir of a Bioentrepreneur by Michael D. Becker is about his life as a cancer patient as well as his life leading up to it. In A Walk With Purpose, Michael--a successful executive in the biotechnology field--details his journey from the...


All of the Ways In Which I Am Black
By Sami Arlenis-Frederick

Sami Arlenis-Frederick’s poetry collection, Drapetomania, is palpable, as though the words themselves are breathing on the page, they have a heat to them, a realness like no other I’ve come across. Some of the lines are described in such a way that it literally makes...


Triumph in the Mirror
By Julius Dion Bailey

Be-Longing: Triumph in the Mirror by Julius Dion Bailey is a powerful memoir that takes readers to places they have been. It is heartwarming and laced with messages of hope and inspiration, a story of a young boy’s quest for love and a sense of...

Just Another Girl's Story

A Memoir On Finding Redemption
By Laura Eckert

Just Another Girl's Story: A Memoir On Finding Redemption by Laura Eckert is a heartbreaking, revealing memoir that explores one woman’s inner wounds and her struggle against depression, taking the reader along on a difficult journey to inner freedom and redemption. Laura Eckert was a...

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