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Man & Horse

The Long Ride Across America
By John Egenes

Man & Horse: The Long Ride Across America by John Egenes is a non-fiction travel memoir set in the 1970s. Man & Horse is a story about a solo journey that John undertakes with his horse, Gizmo, across the continental United States. The book is...

Greater Than a Tourist – The Garden Route Western Cape Province South Africa

50 Travel Tips from a Local
By Lisa M Rusczyk

Greater Than a Tourist – The Garden Route Western Cape Province South Africa: 50 Travel Tips from a Local by Li-Anne McGregor van Aardt is an insightful book for all those readers who are planning their next trip and want to get guidance from a...


The Four Seasons of Nature
By Hemmo Vattulainen

Beauty abounds in Finland. Every season of the year, everywhere one turns, there is a picture just waiting to be taken. Statuesque trees lining a pristine, clear lake; an isolated cabin in the woods; awesome tree art in abandoned felled tree roots. From the warm...

Safari for the Soul

By Jan Boal

Safari for the Soul is a non-fiction travel memoir written by Jan Boal. The year 2010 had been a turbulent one for Boal. Her 27-year-long marriage had ended, and the death of her stepfather, Morey, had her grieving not only for her loss of a...

Dust in My Pack

Ignite Your Adventurous Soul with Travelling Tales from Around Our World
By Nancy O'Hare

Nancy O’Hare’s Dust in My Pack is part of a new generation of travel books. This book, and others like it, is an adventure log, a testament to a life well lived. The book is divided into subject chapters for ease of use: Boat Trips,...

A Kilo of String

By Rob Johnson

Welcome to Greece! A Kilo of String by Rob Johnson takes readers on an entertaining trip to Greece with the author and his wife, Penny, and their experiences while living there. The author’s entertaining stories, interesting anecdotes, and humor make this book an excellent read...

My Dream, America

By Helen Munday

My Dream, America by Helen Munday is a recounting of Helen’s life as a youngster and how she dreamed of some day visiting America. Somehow this notion instilled itself in her mind from an early age, and stayed with her until she was able to...

100 People to Meet Before You Die

Travel to Exotic Cultures
By Jackie Chase

Jackie Chase is a driven woman. Where others enjoy the comforts of home, Chase gets out there and lives life. In 100 People to Meet Before You Die: Travel to Exotic Cultures, Chase shares her adventures with the aim of visiting people who live their...

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How to score FREE Flights, Rental Cars & Accommodations, dramatically reduce Airfares, Get paid to Travel & START a DIGITAL NOMAD BIZ ... in the World! (Travel Smart Series Book 1)
By Gundi Gabrielle

TRAVEL for FREE by Gundi Gabrielle is part one of a series of books about how to travel smart, with this edition focusing on how to find opportunities for free travel. It will appeal to those who have the wanderlust but not enough finances to...

Notes of a Naive Traveler

Nepal and Thailand
By Jennifer S. Alderson

Notes of a Naive Traveler: Nepal and Thailand by Jennifer S. Alderson is the entertaining and fascinating travel story of a twenty-seven-year-old whose entire perspective changes after the amazing experience she has after traveling to Nepal and Thailand. Traveling is an adventure and the author’s...

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