Fiction - Drama

The Punished

By Cy Forrest

The Punished by Cy Forrest is a novel that features intrigue, romance, and the unusual transformation of the lives of characters involved in a delicate and deadly plot. The story is multi generational, with strong and interesting characters and a political setting that is constructed...

Raiding the Empire of the Sun

Tinian 1945
By Kit Crumpton

Raiding the Empire of the Sun: Tinian 1945 by Kit Crumpton is a compelling historical story that takes readers on a rollicking ride through the events of WWII, a setting that comes across in the novel with vivid clarity. Based on the true experiences of...

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Family First

The Friessens Book 7
By Lorhainne Eckhart

The marital struggles of a young couple become inconsequential when tragedy strikes in the poignant romance novel Family First (The Friessens Book 7) by Lorhainne Eckhart. After six months of newlywed bliss, eighteen-year-old Katy is happy and contented with her life. She is finally married...

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The Storm That Shook the World

By Walter Soellner

The Storm That Shook the World by Walter Soellner is not just the story of two men, but also of the people in their lives, whether they are friends or family. Set at the turn of the twentieth century, the novel follows Levi and Markus....

Crushed Velvet

By Alicia L Wright

Crushed Velvet by Alicia L Wright is a captivating, dark and thrilling erotic novel that pushes the boundaries of romance. Scorching hot, sizzling, intense and darkly seductive, this novel exposes romance, emotions and a more realistic side of the world. The novel follows a gorgeous...

From Rocket With Love

Book Two The Rocket Series
By Christopher Dyer

From Rocket With Love by Christopher Dyer is the second and stunning entry in the Rocket series, a wonderful mix of romance and suspense. Mike Willett had a life of great success, with riches that allowed him to buy anything he wanted, but then things...

The Syrian Peddler

By Linda Hanna Lloyd

The Syrian Peddler by Linda Hanna Lloyd is a fictionalised retelling of the author’s forebears as they immigrated and settled in America in the early years of the twentieth century. Like so many Europeans, many people from the Middle East sought a better life at...

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The Lies That Bind

DarkHorse Trilogy, Book 1
By Ed Protzel

The Lies That Bind is a stunning opening in the DarkHorse Trilogy by Ed Protzel, a gripping tale for fans of Southern fiction, and a story of deceit, slavery, and dangerous complicities. The trickster Durksen Hurst returns to Mississippi after being away for a long...

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The Cardinal Gate

An Eleanor Morgan Novel Book 1
By Amy Cissell

The Cardinal Gate: An Eleanor Morgan Novel Book 1 by Amy Cissell is the story of Eleanor Morgan, who has an impossible choice to make. She is no shrinking teenager who has no idea what she should or should not do. She was raised as...

Footprints in the Dust

A powerful and heartfelt Ohio Civil War story
By L.E. Hutchinson

I was a very willing time traveler as I found myself being transported back in time to the Civil War as I read Footprints in the Dust. This is not a true war story as there was very little of the actual battles being fought...